Fredenstein VAS Compressor

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Fredenstein VAS Compressor
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Fredenstein VAS Compressor

The Fredenstein VAS Compressor is a single channel FET compressor with Stereo link capability.

Fredenstein VAS Compressor Details
The V.A.S Compressor is a single channel FET compressor with Stereo link capability. It incorporates Fredenstein's proprietary Reverse-Mancini FET architecture for increased linearity and noise performance. In addition, the output stage consists of our high performance OPA2 discrete operational amplifier coupled to a high quality American-made steel core transformer.

The OPA2 is not a copy of an older design, but a completely new circuitry manufactured in SMT technology. Matched and integrated dual input transistors guarantee vastly improved specifications compared to older designs.

To achieve the highest sonic performance, no polarized capacitors, electrolytic or tantalum, are deployed in the signal path. Overall the V.A.S Comp supports a wide variety of different sounds from smooth and clean to aggressive and smashed.

Fredenstein VAS Compressor Features

  • As a truly flexible compressor, it features rotary controls for Input Gain, Attack Time, Release Time, Compression Ratio, Side-Chain Bandwidth, Make-up Gain, and Wet-Dry mixing as well as illuminated switches for Bypass, Stereo link, and Side-Chain filter.
  • Controlling the operation of the V.A.S. Comp is very easy due to its separate 12 LED Gain-Reduction and Output-Level meters.
  • Gain reduction is indicated ranging from 1 to 16 dB and the output-level in the range from -30 dB to +20dB (0 dB = +4 dBu).
  • Other professional features are a hard bypass when powered off and a three second turn-on delay to suppress pops, as well as a remote Bypass function in Stereo link mode.
  • Only one Bypass switch has to be engaged to put both units in Bypass mode for easy Stereo sound comparisons with or without compression.
  • For easy touring and recording around the world, the V.A.S. Comp has a built-in universal power supply ranging from 90Vac to 240Vac, 50 -60 Hz.

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