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The Mojave Audio MA-37 Tube Microphone features an EF86 tube, Lundahl transformer and a special capsule built in California. It features a unique mechanical approach, developed by RCA in the 1930s and adapted by Sony, to achieving a choice between cardioid and omni polar patterns – an adjustable tuned acoustic chamber.

Retro. Futuristic. We are proud to introduce Technical Grammy Award Winner David Royer’s modern take on a legend – the Sony C-37a. Known for its high headroom and ability to tame brittle high end, it became a workhorse in the 60’s, especially during the golden age of Hollywood recording – the “Wrecking Crew’ era. Studios such as Capitol Records and Sunset Sound acquired multiples, which are still use today. From Leonard Bernstein and the Columbia Symphony Orchestra and VO legend Mel Blanc (the voice of over 400 characters, from Bugs Bunny to Barney Rubble) though producer Daniel Lanois (U2, Peter Gabriel) and current artists, such as Bon Iver, the C-37a remains a ‘secret weapon’ microphone for those in the know. David Royer, who has been a fan of the C-37a for thirty years, has long desired to o er his updated version to the Mojave family – and that time has come. He states, “Sony took a completely different approach than Neumann and AKG, which made the C-37a a completely different animal”.

In keeping with David Royer’s “simple yet elegant” design philosophy, the circuit is based around a single-stage tube amplifier. The hi-pass filter controls are located on the power supply, offering three options:  at (M), 100Hz (V1) and 200Hz (V2). The Mojave MA-37 – it sounds great – in a different way!

Mojave Audio MA-37 Tube Microphone Specifications

  • CAPSULE TYPE: Single diaphragm
  • POLAR PATTERN: Choice of cardioid or omni; via mechanical shutter
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 30 to 18,000 Hz. ±3 dB ("M" setting)
  • SENSITIVITY: -46 dBv referred to 1 volt per pa.
  • MAXIMUM SPL: 120 dB with pad off, 135 dB with pad on.
  • DISTORTION: Not to exceed .5 percent at 134 dB
  • SELF NOISE: Better than 18 dB
  • IMPEDANCE: 170 ohms, floating.
  • POWER REQUIREMENT: 115 or 230 VAC, 50 or 60 hertz; 5 watts.
    • Microphone – 6”x2” 1lb.
    • Power Supply – 9.5”x7.25”x4.5” 5.5lb
    • Case – 18.5’x13.5”x7” 16lbs.

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    Mojave Audio MA-37 Tube Microphone
    Sandor Nagyszalanczy

    When it says that this mic sounds "different" they weren't kidding. I have about 75 mics in my studio's locker, and the MA37 doesn't sound like any of them--which isn't a bad thing. This mic is really dark sounding, but that isn't a bad thing, especially on high-pitched instruments that can sound annoyingly bright or squeaky, like violins and such. I used the mic recently to record a very bright sounding ukulele, and while I needed to boost EQ a bit around 2-3K, the overall result was very smooth and natural sounding. This isn't a mic for all occasions, but when you need it's special qualities, it's a definite asset having one on hand. Bottom line: expensive, but worth it.