Millennia AD-596 500-Series AD Converter Module

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Millennia AD-596
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Millennia AD-596 500-Series AD Converter Module

The Millennia AD-596 500-Series AD Converter Module is a 500-Series powered 8-channel AD converter offering what Millennia refers to as "Authentic Transparency for Unrestricted Creativity".

Designed as an external AD conversion expansion for the Millennia Media HV-3D and HV-3R 8-channel preamps, the AD-596 is an alternative for the Millennia Media AD-D96 internal AD converter card option for the 8-channel HV-3 preamps. The AD-596 is the perfect choice when using an HV-3 unit that already has an HDOE or HROE Output Expansion card installed.

Millennia AD-596 500-Series AD Converter Module Features

  • Eight channels of A/D Conversion
  • 24-bit 96 kHz eight-channel AES format converter
  • Internal/External Clocking with AES or Wordclock in/out on BNC connectors
  • Millennia's proprietary True-Lock-Clock for outstanding performance with an external clock
  • DB25 I/O Connectors that conform to the Tascam wiring standard
  • -20dBFS reference level
  • API 500 series compatible format

Millennia AD-596 500-Series AD Converter Module Specifications

  • Dynamic Range: > 110dB
  • Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise: < .0005%,
  • Frequency Response
    • 44.1 kHz: -0.5 dB @ 5Hz and 21.5kHz
    • 48 kHz: -0.5 dB @ 5Hz and 23.4kHz
    • 88.2 kHz: -0.5 dB @ 5hZ and 42.0kHz
    • 96 kHz: -0.5 dB @ 5Hz and 46.8kHz
  • Full Scale Output Level: +24 dBu
  • Common Mode Rejection Ratio: -84 dBu @ 1kHz with 0 dBu input
  • IMD SMPTE 4:1 60 Hz, 7kHz: <.003%
  • Maximum Non-harmonic Spurious Tones: Better than -140 dB
  • Intrinsic Jitter
    • 20Hz-20kHz @ 48kHz: 50 pS RMS typical
  • Latency
    • 12/Fs for single speed: 0.25ms at 48kHz
    • 9/Fs for double speed: 0.09ms at 96kHz
  • External Clock Lock Range: 32-96 kHz

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