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The Millennia LOCi Playback Equalizer is a hand-crafted combination of Millennia's 100% DC coupled preamp and equalizer circuitry, tailored specifically for the needs of archiving and mastering engineers.

The Millennia LOCi Playback Equalizer offers a selectable mono or stereo playback environment which can be used with any modern or legacy phonograph cartridge. Any known style of record pressing can be compensated perfectly with the LOCi, including vertical groove processes. When the LOCi does not offer a precise preset compensation point, a user may define virtually any compensation via passive plug-in components. Audiophiles requiring a sonically uncompromised phono path will also benefit. The LOCi was originally specified under contract for the U.S. Government (Library of Congress, Culpeper VA). Since then, the LOCi has been acquired by archiving and mastering labs throughout the world. One listening session with the LOCi will immediately confirm that Millennia has once again set precedence in musical realism and sonic transparency.

LOCi employs a 100% discrete design topology from input to output, utilizing both discrete bipolar and field-effect transistors where they are optimally applied for Millennia's hallmark sonic invisibility. The LOCi accepts balanced line-level or phono-level input via gold XLR connectors. Unbalanced RCA inputs are also provided. Ten discrete outputs are provided on both gold XLR and RCA phono connectors. Mains powering is worldwide (100V-240V). The Legacy offers forty-nine combinations of preset compensation curves for precise performance with all formats, including 33-1/3 (RIAA), 45, and a vast array of 78 RPM EQ formats. Legacy’s phono compensation network has only one active amplifier stage in the audio signal path. Compare this with textbook phono designs employing anywhere from two to five compensation path amplifiers. Fewer amplifier stages means greater sonic integrity and heightened musical reality. This single all discrete Class-A stage is optimized as input buffer, compensation amplifier, and output driver. It's something you must hear to appreciate. Legacy’s phonograph preamplifier design is based upon Millennia’s acclaimed HV-3 Cohen topology, a world standard in classical and critical acoustic music production. Utilizing a 100% discrete FET, fully differential balanced design — phono signals remain differentially balanced throughout the entire preamplifier path.

Millennia LOCi Playback Equalizer Features

  • True differentially balanced phonographic preamplifier topology
  • User-definable (universal) compensation and loading parameters
  • Sets new precedent in phonographic sonic invisibility
  • Ultra-premium transformerless componentry throughout
  • Gold relays, connectors & switches. Hand machined aluminum cosmetics
  • Extremely low noise (-125 dBu flat). Pure class-a discrete j-FET filters
  • Effortless, lifelike musical performance at all dynamic levels
  • Constructed for life, cosmetically appealing
  • Lundahl MC transformer option included at no additional charge (bypassable)

Millennia LOCi Playback Equalizer Specifications

    • Input Amplifier Signal Path: Discrete NPN Transistor-Hybrid (HV-3 PAM-01)
    • EQ Amplifier Signal Path: All Discrete 100V J-FET Servo (MM-120)
    • Frequency Response, +/- 0.5 dB: 10 Hz to 100 kHz, comps & filters out, + 45 dB gain
    • Common Mode Rejection Ratio: -75 dBu typical, 10 Hz - 50 kHz, 1.0V P/P CM
    • Maximum Input / Maximum Output: +23 dBu flat / + 26 dBu RIAA in
    • Maximum System Gain: 60 dB Nominal. Higher upon request.
    • Phono Input Impedance: User selectable. Factory Stock: 47.5k ohms & 270 pF
    • Output Impedance: 49.9 ohms
    • Broadband Noise (no weighting filters): Better than -125 dBu EIN, flat. -98 dBu EIN, RIAA in
    • Three-pin XLR Polarity: Pin 2 = positive polarity, Pin 1 = ground
    • Maximum Filter Boost & Cut: +/- 10 dB (21 step detented)
    • Notch Filter "Q" (Quality Factor): Q = 1.0
    • Low Frequency Compensation (Hz): 200, 250, 300, 400, 500/RIAA, 700/USER
    • High Frequency Compensation (dB @ 10 kHz): -5.0, -7.0, -9.5, -11.5, -13.7/RIAA, -16.0/USER
    • Low Filter Fixed Frequencies (Hz): 20, 35, 60, 100, 180, 260
    • High Filter Fixed Frequencies (kHz): 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 5.0, 8.0, 12.0
    • Peak/Shelf Selection on all Filters? Yes (4)
    • Bypass Selection on all Bands? Yes (8)
    • Balanced Phono Input (MC and MM)
    • Phono Preamp Direct Output (fixed level)
    • Phono Preamp Direct Output (variable level)
    • Unbalanced EQ Out (fixed level)
    • Balanced EQ Out (variable level)
    • Power Consumption: 60 Watts, nominal
    • Power Requirements: 100VAC to 240VAC, 50/60Hz, user selectable
    • Fuses (external, 2 required):
      • 2 ea. 1.0A with 100-120VAC mains (5x20mm)
      • 2 ea. 500 mA with 200-240VAC mains (5x20mm)
    • Internal Power: +/-50VDC +/-25VDC +5VDC
    • Dimensions: 19.0” W x 15.0" D x 3.5" H (2u rack mount)
    • Net Weight: approximately 26 pounds

Millennia LOCi Playback Equalizer Includes

  • Millennia LOCi Playback Equalizer
  • IEC Power Cable
  • Manufacturer Warranty

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