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The Hendyamps LDC Microphone s truly a one of a kind piece that instantly improves the quality of all audio recordings. Be ready to hear your source material in a level of immersion and three dimensionality that you simply have not experienced before!

Between the Tone control, the Pad switch, and the overall sound of this mic, it has become the perfect choice for nearly every source - Vocals, piano, acoustic guitar, strings, horns, bass, electric guitar, drum overheads and room mics, etc. The options are endless and it is why this mic is the only mic we used at Hendyamps studios (along with the Hendyamps SDC mic) for ALL sources! The Hendyamps LDC is designed to be an inseparable partner with the Hendyamps Rembrandt Mic Preamp. So for the best performance and overall widest range of tonal flexibility, be sure to try these together!

As of June 2023, the Hendyamps LDC has been updated with a new (second) switch that is a dedicated Hi-Cut, set around 8kHz. This allows you to have a fixed hi-cut when needed, as the variable tone pot isn't as precise. However, you can use both the fixed hi-cut switch and tone pot at the same time. This allows for more tone control and flexibility, as well as allows you to get an even darker overall tone when both are used and the tone pot is set all the way down!

The capsule chosen for this mic was a C12 style, primarily for its full sonic spectrum and detail articulation. This choice was made in order to give the internal circuit a full bandwidth to then amplify and shape in any way desired.

From this capsule, the general Warhol preamp circuitry was chosen as the base for the microphone because the high voltage mosfet topology paired so well with the capsule and was able to truly capture source material in a way that simply sounded like it was finished. The purpose of this mic was not to conform the source material to itself, but to instead conform to the source material and enhance it in every way possible.

Tone Knob
One of the most popular additions to this mic is the Tone knob for it allows the engineer to alter the entire tonal response of the mic as it rolls off the highs and high mids as the knob is turned down (in the noon position is "default").

Pad Switch
The Pad switch allows for sources with higher SPL's to be used with this mic. As well, it changes the overall tonal balance in the mic lightly making for a useful option when tracking.

Hi-Cut Switch
Fixed hi-cut that uses a similar curve to the tone pot, but is fixed at around 8kHz (for the starting frequence and up to be rolled off).

Hendyamps LDC Microphone Features

  • 48v Phantom Powered Mic
  • XLR Input
  • C12 style capsule
  • Tone knob
  • Pad switch
  • Fixed Hi-Cut Switch
  • High voltage mosfet circuit
  • Transformer balanced output
  • Unique distressed chassis look

Hendyamps LDC Microphone Includes

  • Hendyamps LDC Microphone
  • Microphone Pouch
  • Mic Stand Mount
  • Manufacturers Warranty

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What We Think


The Hendyamps LDC Microphone accomplishes what Chris set out to do with it, create a microphone that does it all in the studio. The completely variable tone pot allows for the same tonal control you would have on a guitar (which makes sense, since Hendyamps started out making custom guitar amps). This allows you to roll off the top end to get a super dark ribbon like sound, to an open hi-fi C12 like sound (being that the mic features a C12 style capsule). Now with the new 8kHz hi-cut switch, the mic becomes more versatile, letting you use either the set hi-cut switch, the tone knob, or both simultaneously for even more variation in tone, and get even darker. No matter the sound source, you can adjust the tone knob to tailor the mics character to the sound source, as well as use it in an effect way – making this a “do everything” mic, and one of a kind (just like the unique finish).

Ryan Ferris, Pro Audio Sales

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