Hendyamps SDC Microphone


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The Hendyamps SDC Microphone was intended to be a specialty mic, designed with high SPL sources in mind, and as such, it has become the standard bearer in this category.

For drum close mics to electric guitar amps, this mic revolutionize how high SPL sources are captured and are the only mics we use here at the Hendyamps Studios for those applications.

From this capsule, the general Warhol preamp circuitry was chosen as the base for the microphone because the high voltage mosfet topology paired so well with the capsule and was able to truly capture source material in a way that simply sounded like it was finished. The purpose of this mic was not to conform the source material to itself, but to instead conform to the source material and enhance it in every way possible.

The SDC had a Pad permanently built into it in order to allow it to be used for high SPL sources. As a result, using this mic on low SPL sources is not advised, though still certainly possible to still achieve good results.

Hendyamps SDC Microphone Features

  • 48v Phantom Powered Mic
  • XLR Input
  • Permanent Pad for high SPL sources
  • High voltage mosfet circuit
  • Transformer balanced output
  • Unique distressed chassis look

Hendyamps SDC Microphone Includes

  • Hendyamps SDC Microphone
  • Microphone Pouch
  • Mic Stand Mount

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