Hendyamps Nuclear Unicorn Preamp


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The Hendyamps Nuclear Unicorn Preamp is meant to be as extreme as it looks. Providing a pallete from clean and clear to utter destruction, this preamp/DI is the perfect solution for those that need total control over their distortion. No apologies........... as it should be.

The Hendyamps Nuclear Unicorn Preamp based on the Warhol topology, but with double the gain stages, the Nuclear Unicorn has the ability to be used as a rich and responsive preamp on any source, with any mic. Interestingly enough, as a result of the user having control over the gain on all four stages, the tonal response of the mic or DI source can be changed a good deal based upon how each gain level is set. As well, all coloring options on the NU are available at all times, further making for an amazing array of options.

Chris decided that he needed a mic preamp and DI that could go from pristine clarity all the way to absolute raging distortion in a single unit that screams outrageous. As it turns out, this goal has been accomplished and demanded a name and faceplate as outrageous as the actual circuit design! The sheer power and versatility of this unit is unmatched by anything on the market today and will bring even the most boring of sources to life with minimal effort. From keyboards to bass guitars, to drums, to vocals, the Nuclear Unicorn is an absolute tonal standout!

Hendyamps Nuclear Unicorn Preamp Features

  • DI Input
  • 48v Phantom Power Switch
  • XLR In and Out
  • Unbalanced DI Out
  • Low Cut Knob
  • Four Gain Stages With Controls For Each
  • High Cut Switches
  • Top Boost Switch
  • Diode Distortion Switch
  • Pad
  • Transformer Mid Cut Circuit Switch With Tone Knob
  • Jensen Transformers in and out
  • All Hand-Wired, construction
  • Rugged, etched metal faceplate

Hendyamps Nuclear Unicorn Preamp Includes

  • Nuclear Unicorn Preamp
  • IEC Power Cable
  • Paperwork and Warranty Information
  • The coolest faceplate ever
  • So much distortion, it makes death metal sound like pop music

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For some strange reason, I keep thinking of what it would be like if Rick Sanchez went to Gravity Falls. That aside though, read the name of this unit. Look at the faceplate. Watch the demo video under the videos tab on this page. (31 minutes later) Now tell me what's not to like. I dare you.

Ryan Ferris, Pro Audio Sales

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