Hendyamps Warhol 8-Channel Preamp


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The Hendyamps Warhol 8-Channel Preamp offers (you guessed it) 8 channels of Hendyamps' high-gain musical MOSFET preamps in a 2U chassis. Perfect as your main front end, or dedicated drum pres. BUT WAIT!, there's more! Ok, not really. It's just the 8 channels - but for way less than 4 times the price of the 2 channel version. :)

The Hendyamps Warhol 8-Channel Preamp uses a high voltage Mosfet that is running off of 400v, just like a tube, and the gain on tap is immense! What is more is that the tone is glorious as it has the ability to make the source material simply around like a record. This circuit somehow adds a shine in such a way that you get a glimpse of how a source will sound finalized in a mix, but while in the tracking phase. Mixing is a joy when your tracks already sound spectacular!

The Warhol preamp is aimed at making life as easy as possible for the engineer, and as such, there are minimal controls on board. Each channel has a dedicated Gain knob and Pad switch, but each pair of channels share a 48v phantom power switch. The decision to share phantom power between two channels was primarily for spacing purposes in order to pack as many channels in as possible without sonic compromise, and it really only impacts certain ribbon mics when used in conjunction with condenser mics (dynamics typically don't care). As such, it will be best to keep this fact in mind when using ribbon mics, or any mics that are not happy when phantom power is applied.

Each channel employs a Jensen input transformer on the input in order to ensure the highest sonic fidelity and lowest noise. For the output, impedance balancing was chosen in order to retain the stunning amount of articulation and punch this preamp provides. As such, this preamp shines on literally every source you can throw at it and we use it here at Hendyamps Studios on a daily basis!

Also available in a 2-Channel, and 4-Channel version.

Hendyamps Warhol 8-Channel Preamp Features

  • 48v Phantom Power Switch
  • XLR In and Out
  • Pad Switch
  • Mosfet based preamp
  • Jensen Transformer input
  • All Hand-Wired construction
  • Rugged metal faceplate

Hendyamps Warhol 8-Channel Preamp Includes

  • Warhol 8-Channel Preamp
  • IEC Power Cable
  • Paperwork and Warranty Information

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