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The Hendyamps Mega Nuclear Unicorn Preamp harnesses the mystical energy of real unicorns, and packs it into a box as dangerous as a nuclear warhead. This is not for the faint of heart. Unleash magic on a level not known to anyone beyond Merlin and Rick Sanchez. True tonal creativity is in your hands!

The Hendyamps Mega Nuclear Unicorn Preamp is loaded with features more unique and powerful than a real Unicorn!

Mic Preamp
To start out, it is helpful to know that the entire bottom row of this unit is a fully functioning Nuclear Unicorn, with all the same controls and names. The only small exception is that the Gamma Burst circuit has a different transformer/capacitor arrangement. It is similar to the original Nuclear Unicorn but has been altered in order to optimize options and tonal responses in conjunction with the Low, Mid, and High additions.

Multiband of Doom
So you have wrapped your head around the Nuclear Unicorn and all of its options and abilities - Good! Now imagine three more full Unicorns all running in parallel with the first one, but each of these parallel Unicorns are programmed to only control a certain frequency range (Low, Mid or High) and imagine all of the insanely cool options you now have to shape tone, distortion and outright mayhem! This unit is truly a multiband preamp that takes the Unicorn and makes it into an absolute monster that has endless possibilities!

Cut the Ultra Highs
There is an additional two switches and one knob that allows you to cut out the ultra highs when the distortion becomes a bit too much. Different combinations of these switches and knob settings gives an impressive amount of control in dialing in your exact high cut, allowing for this unit to shine on nearly any source!

Mega Controls
The controls on the bottom of the Mega Nuclear Unicorn are exactly the same as the regular Nuclear Unicorn (see diagram below). The controls above (for Low, Mid, and High) are also the exact same as for the regular Nuclear Unicorn and correspond directly. Thus, each set of controls for that band allow you to control the gain staging and shape of tonal response for that particular frequency range. It can be helpful to simply imagine four Unicorns stacked on top of each other, with the full range of EQ and controls available on the bottom one, and only gain controls for the three above, and each of those three Unicorns above controlling a set frequency range.

It takes some getting used to and can seem like a daunting task, but it quickly becomes intuitive and a near infinite range of applications and creativity makes this tool indispensable!

The sheer power and versatility of this unit is unmatched by anything on the market today and will bring even the most boring of sources to life with minimal effort. From keyboards to bass guitars, to drums, to vocals, the Mega Nuclear Unicorn is an absolute tonal standout!

Hendyamps Mega Nuclear Unicorn Preamp Features

  • Complete Nuclear Unicorn
  • Three additional Nuclear Unicorns (Low, Mid, High)
  • Multiband gain and distortion
  • Global High Cut switches and knob control 
  • Transformers in and out
  • All Hand-Wired, construction

Hendyamps Mega Nuclear Unicorn Preamp Specifications

  • PAD - This switch enables the user to lower the volume of the source feeding the NU
  • Megaton Increase - This switch is a type of top boost in that it gives a large boost to the highs and high mids when needed. This especially helpful for dark mics and instruments
  • Shock Wave - With this much gain you always need a low cut control. This knob gives the ability to drop the low end from the beginning of the circuit in order to retain clarity, especially when driven into heavy distortion
  • Rainbow Crush - Ever wanted to use a diode based distortion but only on the highs and high mids? This switch is for you! Crunch with punchy bass!
  • Mass Destruction - This is the first gain stage control and will drive the rest of the entire circuit
  • Tactical Mode and Enhanced Tactical Mode - These switches are there to cut the highs (think close to Air Band) and are primarily useful when using a lot of distortion. They can help keep the signal from breaking down into oscillation when needed or desired.
  • More Mass Destruction - This controls the second gain stage
  • Sum of All Fears - This knob controls the third gain stage
  • Fallout - Finally you have the control for the final gain stage that also acts as the Trim control
  • Gamma Burst - This switch engages a unique mid cut circuit driven by a transformer and variable capacitor bypass. When you think of this switch imagine taking a source like a bass guitar and making it sound really, really mean.
  • Unicorn Sparkle - This is the knob that allows you to raise or lower the highs in the mid cut circuit. It can make the signal really dark or quite bright when desired but is only available when Gamma Burst is engaged
  • 48v - Phantom power

Hendyamps Mega Nuclear Unicorn Preamp Includes

  • Mega Nuclear Unicorn Preamp
  • IEC Power Cable
  • Manual/Warranty Information

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