Hendyamps Rothko Equalizer & Compressor


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The Hendyamps Rothko Equalizer & Compressor is the perfect solution if you have ever wanted a Michelangelo and a Pollock to be in one box!

The Hendyamps Rothko is housed in a 1U rack unit and powered by exotic high voltage Mosfets and not just a Michelangelo and Pollock existing in one box, but a fresh new take on two classics!

  • LEFT/RIGHT: controls are now combined to be CALIBRATION and AGGRESSION in one, allowing for the easy manipulation of input levels and tone.  You have the ability to drive the circuit hard, lightly, or anywhere in between as you see fit and the response of the Rothko will shift accordingly.  This speeds up workflow and maximizes versatility for busy engineers!
  • LOW, MID, and HIGH: controls manipulate the three EQ bands, but in a way that adds more dynamic, harmonic content the higher the EQ is set. Take note that the Mid control covers a massive amount of territory while the Low and High controls are narrower by comparison.
  • AIR: boosts the ultra high frequencies and is typically a favorite control in this unit.
  • LOW SHIFT: changes the Low control in order to target all frequencies below 150hz or 80hz.
  • MID SHIFT: alters the response of the Low and Mid controls, essentially assigning the low mids to either control.
  • HIGH SHIFT: changes the High control in order to target the frequencies above 1khz or 2khz.
  • COMP: Increases the total amount of Compression as the knob is increased.  The compression style is optical (same circuit as in the Pollock) but not in the traditionally understood optical response.  Think much faster and tuned for a more invisible style compressing experience, though able to be quite colored and "grabby" when desired.
  • COMP STYLE: changes the operation of the compressor from "Smooth" mode to "Aggressive" mode as seen in the Pollock.
  • WET: control allows for the same functionality seen in the Pollock in which a single control gives the user the ability to apply as much or as little compression as desired.  However, this is not to be envisioned as a traditional Wet/Dry mix, but instead, setting a "hard deck", or wall that does not allow any more compression to pass.  So if the compressor is trying to lower a signal by 10db but the WET control is set to only allow 5db of compression, then only 5db will be allowed to apply at any point and the compressor will hold that 5db compression until the compressor drops below 5db.  This has the added effect of constantly changing the release timing as it naturally follows the music.  There is simply not another compressor that is as musical and sounds like this one!

Hendyamps Rothko Equalizer & Compressor Features

  • Full Stereo Design
  • Controls for Low, Mid, High, and Air
  • Left/Right Calibration/Aggression Controls
  • Low Shift
  • Mid Shift Switch
  • High Shift Switch
  • Optical Style Compression
  • Wet/Dry Control
  • Compressor Style Switch
  • Stereo Trim Knob
  • Transformer balanced in
  • Transformerless out
  • All hand-wired construction
  • Rugged metal faceplate
  • All hand wired construction
  • Designed and built in the USA

Hendyamps Rothko Equalizer & Compressor Includes

  • Hendyamps Rothko Equalizer & Compressor
  • Power Cable
  • Manufacturer Warranty

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