Hendyamps Van Gogh Tube Compressor

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Hendyamps Van Gogh
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Hendyamps Van Gogh Tube Compressor

The Hendyamps Van Gogh Tube Compressor is designed to go beyond our perceptions of a tube-opto compressor, bringing a variety of crazy ideas on top of the historic concept, with the accomplished goal of making an extremely versatile and tonal tube-opto compressor that you can mold and shape, on a familiar foundation.

The Hendyamps Van Gogh Tube Compressor utilizes 12au7‘s for the makeup gain portion of the unit. The signal first enters the Van Gogh by passing through an ultra high fidelity Jensen transformer, and from there moves to the 12au7 gain stages. The signal exits the Van Gogh by passing through another ultra high fidelity Jensen output transformer. The entire compressor is completely hand-built, all tube, discrete, single ended, and Class A in design, causing it to handle transients and the full range of frequencies in a way that few compressors are able to accomplish. The compression is handled by three different circuits that all feed in together, allowing for the user to engage and manipulate any combination of the compressors at the same time.

Like all Hendyamps products, the Van Gogh is a customer built compressor, and has a number of custom finishes to chose from. By default, a purchase of this unit will be delivered in the base Green Faceplate with Green Knobs. However, you can contact us to configure your own custom color combination. These options include.

  • Faceplate Color:
    • Black, Red, Green, Blue, Gold, Bronze
  • Knob Color:
    • Black, White, Red, Blue, Cream, Green, Silver, Purple, Brown, Gold

Hendyamps Van Gogh Tube Compressor Features

  • Makeup Gain
  • Two separate compressors with their own controls
  • Distortion generator/Limiter with its own control
  • Control to set the global threshold of all three compressors at once
  • Switch to engage each compressor individually or in any combination
  • All tube signal path
  • Two Channels
  • Jensen Transformers in and out
  • Line level in and out
  • Hand-wired construction

Hendyamps Van Gogh Tube Compressor Includes

  • Van Gogh Tube Compressor
  • IEC Cable
  • Paperwork and Warrranty Information

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