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The Hendyamps Collins Sonic Enhancer is intended to be the definitive solution to all sonic needs by giving the user the ability to enhance individual tracks, buses, or full mixes with any combination of transformers, mosfets, pentode tubes, and triode tubes.

What is one of the biggest problems for recording, mixing, and mastering engineers today? Figuring out a way to bring life and impact to music that sounds stunning and yet does not consume immense amounts of time and is easy to recall. Enter the Hendyamps Collins - Problem solved!

The Mosfet stage, running close to 400v, provides a truly unique and incredibly rich tonal response. Based on the Warhol preamp, this stage is able to provide a punchy and full sonic imprint, fulfilling the need for quick transient response as well as a density increase that can take an audio track from boring and lifeless to immense quite easily.

The Pentod stage runs EF806 (EF86) tubes which are known for their articulation and aggressive behavior. On a track or mix this stage is often pure magic as it tends to add a little brightness and raw energy throughout the sonic spectrum, something that is almost always a welcome addition.

The Triode stage is all about rich, creamy harmonics, adding a gloss over everything it touches. Often this stage will add a smoothness throughout the sonic spectrum, hiding issues in a track or mix, and especially bringing a warmth to the low mids. Usually when an engineer is looking for something to add a final polish to a mix, this is the perfect solution.

The first transformer is actually an odd choice for a "line level" piece of gear, but the intention was to both squeeze as much tone out of a transformer as well as allow the Mosfet, Pentode, and Triode stages to open up a bit more at the same time. This transformer is a 1:4 step up, but wired backwards, meaning when engaged, the volume will drop and one or more of the gain stages will need to be used to bring the volume back up. This transformer should provide a compression to the signal as well as a perceived tightening of the low end and provides some outstanding results.

The second transformer is actually a power supply choke (think more inductor) but with a bypass capacitor applied in order to allow the low pass created by the transformer to return to "full band". The result is that there is a light dip in the low mids which is wonderful for removing the "mud" from a track, along with adding some rich texture to the highs especially.

The Collins is a truly unique design and provides an infinite number of options and possible combinations, but is still quite easy to use. In order to accomplish this, the two Transformers were placed in series and the gain stages were placed afterward, and yet the gain stages were designed to be in parallel with each other. Each stage and transformer can be completely removed from the circuit with the flip of a switch, and as such, everything becomes interactive. As well, combining multiple gain stages naturally produces a wide variety of volume levels and thus, a Master Trim control was included in order to set a final output level.

Hendyamps Collins Sonic Enhancer Features

  • Full Stereo Design
  • True Bypass Switches
  • Controls for Mosfet, Pentode, Triode, and Transformers
  • Stereo Trim Knob
  • Left and Right Calibration Knobs
  • Stepped control option available
  • Transformer balanced input
  • All hand-wired construction
  • All hand wired construction
  • Designed and built in the USA

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