Hendyamps Cooker Maor Appelbaum Mojo Box


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The Hendyamps Cooker Maor Appelbaum Mojo Box isn't just a Mojo Box, it takes everything you think you know about transformers, and turns it all on it's head - giving you a sonic sculpting pallet you never knew was possible.

The Hendyamps Cooker Maor Appelbaum Mojo Box combines the tonal impact and energy of high voltage solid state circuits with the vibrant and thick sounds of custom transformers. The range of control on this box is extended and very versatile, going from super subtle to aggressively pushed. Energizing the tracks, buses, mixes and masters, it can actually be the "Life Of the Party"

In addition to the TEMP function knob that is known from The Oven legacy which gives more energy and impact, there are two intensity settings WARM and HOT that control how much saturation can be applied to the TEMP knob. Hendyamps also added more functions, such as FRY and SEAR, which are Tonal Conditioners that affect the sound in a very unique way.  This tonal conditioning is not the "standard" kind of conditioning, but more of the "strange and weird" type so you can dial in something  unpredictable but unbelievably special. The CRISPER function gives you the WARM AIR sound that is associated with THE OVEN Legacy, and this is a magic knob for sure.  It opens up the sound in a pleasing way that lets it stick out just enough to be noticed. The STEAM control will get you the gain push needed to enter the unit like an input drive and the PRESSURE will allow you to adjust the output level and saturated harmonics. Last but not least, the PRE-HEAT switch..... turn it on for that "EXTRA EXTRA ..... READ ALL ABOUT IT" Energy push like as if you had consumed two bottles of 5 hour energy shots.... It engages an extra stage and pushes an additional custom transformer to the circuit.

Hendyamps Cooker Maor Appelbaum Mojo Box Features

  • Full Stereo Design
  • True Bypass Switches
  • Knob Controls for Mosfet and transformer based coloration
  • Steam Knob Control
  • Temp Knob Control
  • Temp Toggle Switch
  • Crisper Knob Control
  • Crisper Toggle Switch
  • Fry Knob Control
  • Fry Toggle Switch
  • Sear Knob Control
  • Sear Toggle Switch
  • Pressure Knob Control
  • Pre-Heat Engage Switches
  • Left and Right Calibration Knobs
  • Mosfet based amplification
  • Transformer balanced input
  • Transformerless output
  • All hand wired construction
  • Designed and built in the USA

Hendyamps Cooker Maor Appelbaum Mojo Box Includes

  • Cooker Maor Appelbaum Mojo Box
  • IEC Power Cable
  • Paperwork
  • Manufacturer Warranty

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