Hendyamps Oven Maor Appelbaum Mojo Box


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The Hendyamps Oven Maor Appelbaum Mojo Box is more than just a typical flavor box, it is a simplified process - a sum all the controls and features, designed to quickly and easily make your music not only come to life, but be larger than life. It is designed to inspire creativity and provide versatility with today's engineering environments and demands in mind.

The Hendyamps Oven Maor Appelbaum Mojo Box will add Warmth, Size, Depth, Mojo, Vibe, Color, Saturation and Sizzle to your tracks. Anything from subtle HiFi enhancement that you barely hear (until you bypass and feel something is missing) to saturated and driven aggressive sounds, and everything in between. Taken from Maor Appelbaum's personal creative mastering concepts and built with HendyAmps' impeccable knowledge of creating some of today's most unique analog processors, bringing you a creative and versatile tool for the current Composer / Producer / Engineer / Mixer and Mastering Engineer.

Another unique feature of The Oven is that when you purchase one, you are not simply getting an incredible piece of gear. You are also getting a one-on-one masterclass with Maor Appelbaum where he is able to personally walk you through his Oven workflow and methodology, as well as help you fully integrate your new Oven into your setup. The value of this experience is truly outstanding and will provide you the confidence to get the most out of your purchase for years to come!

Hendyamps Oven Maor Appelbaum Mojo Box Features

  • Full Stereo Design
  • True Bypass Switches
  • Knob Controls for Tube and Mosfet based Multi-Band saturation
  • Temp Knob Control
  • Temp Range Toggle Switch
  • Low Burn Type Toggle Switch
  • Mid Burn Type Toggle Switch
  • High Burn Type Toggle Switch
  • Bunsen Toggle Switch
  • Sizzle Type Toggle Switch
  • Stereo Trim Knob
  • Left and Right Calibration Knobs
  • Pentode and Mosfet based amplification
  • Jensen Input & Output Transformers
  • Rugged metal faceplate
  • All hand wired construction
  • Designed and built in the USA

Hendyamps Oven Maor Appelbaum Mojo Box Includes

  • Oven Maor Appelbaum Mojo Box
  • IEC Power Cable
  • Paperwork and Warranty Infromation
  • A one-on-one masterclass with Maor Appelbaum

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