Hendyamps Roaster Maor Appelbaum Channel Strip


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The Hendyamps Roaster Maor Appelbaum Channel Strip combines a high voltage discrete solid state and tube circuit that handles Mic, Line, and Instrument signals, along with a clean optical compressor to capture the best performances and sounds for your production.

The Hendyamps Roaster Maor Appelbaum Channel Strip features a high voltage Pentode Tube Saturation section offers five voicing selections and a knob that lets you dial in the desired amount of Tube richness and saturation needed to enhance the incoming signal. The unit has a selectable  - 10 db pad and a -20db pad so it can work with a variety of incoming signals. The Optical Compressor can focus on  high frequencies (and act like an optical De-esser) or operate normally on the full frequency spectrum and control the overall peaks of the incoming signal. The LOW BURN, MID BURN, TOP BURN controls (as Hendyamps calls them: THE BURNERS), give the user the ability to boost or cut certain bands when desired. Each band operates in a way that engages the entire circuit as a whole processor in order to give an incredible diversity of sonic enhancing. This EQ section works like using big and broad brush strokes in a painting and operate in parallel with the Pentode tube stage in a similar way that the Oven does, and this combination is simply stunning. The BUNSEN switch alters the TOP BURN control so that it provides a broader range of operation. This gives the user four different tonal options on the TOP Burner - The area where its very important to get the right EQ to make the vocals or instrument get its presence and attack. The SIZZLE control - That's "The Fairy Dust" control with that nice, warm air that opens up the top upper area and harmonics of the vocals and on instruments. It's a boost only and you have two modes for it:  High.... and more of that! You can even use this unit to reprocess sounds coming out of your DAW (from your audio interface) and back, using the Line IN switch and XLR input.

Just to add a cherry on top, Hendyamps has hidden inside this box a 1 Watt (Yes One Watt) TUBE POWER AMP that can drive a speaker cab (8ohm guitar amp speaker cab).  So not only will you be able to record any source with THE ROASTER, but you can also use it as a guitar amp, keyboard amp, or general reamp box - WITH an amazing studio grade compressor and EQ! 

Hendyamps Roaster Maor Appelbaum Channel Strip Features

  • Single Channel Design
  • Gain and Trim ("Flow") Controls
  • DI Input
  • Three Way Gain Switch
  • Transformer balanced in and out
  • High Voltage Mosfet based amplification
  • Pentode Tube based amplification
  • Three way PAD Switch
  • Line Level Switch
  • Full EQ
  • Optical Compressor
  • Compressor selectable for normal or de-ess operation
  • 48v Phantom Power
  • 1 Watt Guitar Amp
  • All hand wired construction
  • Designed and built in the USA

Hendyamps Roaster Maor Appelbaum Channel Strip Includes

  • Roaster Maor Appelbaum Channel Strip
  • IEC Power Cable
  • Paperwork
  • Manufacturer Warranty

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