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The Grimm Audio SB1 Subwoofer was designed for use with the Grimm Audio Studio Monitors and features Digital Motion Feedback for bass control like you’ve never experienced before! The SB1 Subwoofer Set features digital motion feedback which allows for ultra accurate bass reproduction.

Digital Motion Feedback is a technology that allows for exceptionally low levels of distortion and full dynamic control. With the SB1 Subwoofers added for the bass frequencies, the LS1 system redefines the term “transparency” offering very low distortion over the full audio band. The SB1 Subwoofers are great partners for the Grimm Audio LS1a Studio Monitors and an excellent match for the Grimm Audio LS1be Studio Monitors. However, you don’t have to use the SB1 subwoofers with Grimm Audio speakers. A switch facilitates use of the SB1 with third party systems, so the virtues of Digital Motion Feedback can be enjoyed by many!

We at Front End Audio believe in Grimm Audio’s Studio Monitors and highly recommend getting an SB1 Subwoofer set to complete your monitoring system and get the maximum performance possible. If you have any questions, give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist!

Grimm Audio SB1 Subwoofer Set Features

  • Digital motional feedback for 30 dB less distortion
  • Linear response down to 20 Hz
  • Turns the LS1 into a powerful 3-way system
  • DSP controlled frequency curve
  • Phase corrected crossover at 70 Hz in LS1
  • Modified woofer and 700W class D amplifier
  • Mains outlet for LS1 minimizes cable clutter
  • Switch for use without LS1

Grimm Audio SB1 Subwoofer Set Includes

  • 2x Grimm Audio LS1s Subwoofer
  • 2x Power cables
  • 1x Power jumper cable
  • 5 year limited warranty

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What We Think


The Grimm Audio LS1 Reference Studio Monitor system sounds unbelievably phenomenal. But when you add the LS1 Sub-Woofer Set to the LS1s, something even better emerges. When listening to the Grimm LS1s with the subs added, we noticed a sound that was not "effecty" - as if designed for wow-factor; as if to impress someone who truly does not know what they are listening for. Instead, we were suddenly immersed inside a world of music in a way that we have not been before. Using Dire Straits' 'Water Of Love' as a reference (Listen to something you know!) we were able to hear each drum in space. It was if we could reach out and touch each tom-tom of the drum kit. It became blatantly obvious just how valuable these monitors with the subs would be not only in a mastering situation, but we think 'especially' in a mixing application. Why not get it all right from the start? Granted, we're talking about a set of monitors that with the subs, would set one back more than what they have in their vehicle. Still, for the discriminating professional, the Grimm Audio LS1 and Subwoofer Set should warrant serious consideration. We could tell right away that not only could we hear everything perfectly in such a way that we could detect any imperfection and immediately know just what to do with it, that we would enjoy our work in the studio so much more than normal. And if we would enjoy it more, then so would our clients, which is perhaps the most important consideration, after all, isn't it!?

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