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The Grimm Audio LS1a Studio Monitors are Grimm Audio’s flagship monitors and are explicitly for those who want neutral, transparent, and detailed sound reproduction from their studio monitors. The LS1a will also reveal any imperfections, giving you all the information that you need to make it right. These qualities make the LS1a monitors ideal for both mixing and mastering.

A great studio monitor requires a high degree of accuracy with untrammeled musicality. Grimm Audio cut no corners developing the LS1a studio monitors and we at Front End Audio believe that Grimm Audio is making some of the absolute best monitors money can buy for your studio. If you’re looking for the absolute best Grimm Audio has to offer, you may want to check out the LS1a’s bigger brothers, the Grimm Audio LS1be Studio Monitors which feature upgraded high-end drivers and components.

The Cabinet
Because the speaker cabinet is much wider than it is deep, the small, sealed box is designed to provide an effective baffle down to around 250Hz. It’s suspended between two half cylinders that combat diffractions and function as an integral two-legged floor stand. An 8” non-magnesium woofer and a 1” dome tweeter divides the work between them. Despite their compact size, the floor standing speakers are clearly intended as main monitors in mastering studios and mixing rooms that have space to put free-standing speakers. Grimm Audio has also taken space into consideration offering a Nano Leg option that allow the monitors to mounted on a desk, workstation or in a wall cabinet. More information on the Nano leg option below.

Drivers and Components
The LS1A monitors feature high-end drivers and components that allow for ultra-low distortion and an extremely linear amplitude and phase response. This is achieved through Computer Aided Calibration of each monitor during production. With it’s 8” non-magnesium woofer and a 1” dome tweeter, the LS1A covers the full frequency range as an elegant two way system. However, the DSP controlled analog subwoofer output allows for perfect and easy integration with stereo subwoofers, for those that need high SPL performance below 40 Hz.

Like all studio monitors, you can use the LS1A analog with your current converters or interface. However, Grimm Audio offers a few options for connectivity that we want to make you aware of. Firstly, upon request when ordering, Grimm Audio will include (for no additional charge) a cat5 to USB cable that allows you to connect the Grimm Audio LS1 monitors to your computer so that you’re able to use Grimm’s software and calibrate the speakers to your liking. In this case, another cable (cat5 to cat5) will be included for linking between the two speakers. Another option is the Grimm Audio LS1i USB Interface, a simple USB interface that allows you to monitor your computer’s audio with your LS1 system. If you’d like to expand on the system with a dedicated volume controller, Grimm Audio offers the Grimm Audio LS1r Controller.  It features a large volume knob and two digital inputs. The LS1r Controller can be used with the Grimm Audio LS1i USB Interface or as a standalone high quality two channel digital audio interface. Lastly, if you’re looking for the ultimate conversion quality for your Grimm Audio LS1 system, consider the Grimm Audio UC1 Converter! The UC1 is a USB interface and monitor controller with 18 channels of USB I/O and great conversion quality. It’s an ideal match with the Grimm Audio LS1 systems.

The LS1a Studio Monitors come with a variety of user select options. If you have any questions or need help deciding which options will be best for you, then please reach out to us here Front End Audio and we’ll be happy to assist.

  • Color Options: The Grimm Audio LS1a Studio Monitors come standard with a “White Lacquer” finish. However, for an extra charge, they’re available in other color finishes such as: Black Lacquer, White Hi-Macs, and Custom Hi-Macs colors.
  • Leg Options: The Grimm Audio LS1a Studio Monitors ship with a choice of Standard Legs, High Legs or a Nano version. The standard legs give you a total height of 45" while the High Legs offer you an additional 11" for a total height of 56". The Nano version replace the legs with a fitted acoustic felt pad ideal for desktop, shelf or low-profile applications, with total height of 25" and a footprint of 26" x 12".
  • Subwoofer Options: There are two subwoofer options available for the LS1be Studio Monitors: LS1s (standard subwoofer) and the SB1 (premium subwoofer) that features Digital Motion Feedback for bass control like you’ve never experienced before. While the subwoofers are not a necessity, they offer an extended low end to complete your speaker system. When used with LS1a with the Standard Leg or High Leg options, the subwoofers can be conveniently placed within the legs for a modern clean look. The subwoofers are sold in pairs and separately.

Grimm Audio LS1a Studio Monitor Features

  • Unidirectional down to 250 Hz
  • DSP controlled frequency curve
  • Well-behaved off-axis response
  • Digital and analog audio inputs
  • Filtered analog subwoofer output
  • Remote control of volume and source
  • Super low distortion NCore class D power amps
  • 5 year limited warranty

Grimm Audio LS1a Studio Monitor Specifications

  • Frequency response:
    • 20 Hz - 27 kHz +0.5dB/-3dB
    • 30 Hz - 20 kHz +/- 0.5dB (unsmoothed!)
    • Deviation from linear phase:
  • Amplifier power:
    • 2 x 120 Watt (per side); 400 Watt (per Sub)
    • Idle power, drawn from mains: 16W per LS1
  • Max SPL: (about) 105dB
  • Signal to noise ratio: 114dB (unweighted)
  • Crossover functions:
    • 1550 Hz - 4th order Linkwitz Riley
    • 70 Hz - 2nd order Linkwitz Riley (3-way system)
    • sum corrected to linear phase in normal mode,
    • not corrected in ’low-latency‘ mode.
  • Supported sample rates:
    • 44.1 - 192 kHz
    • Via USB with LS1i USB interface: 44.1 - 384 kHz ('DXD'), DSD64 and DSD128
  • Level: The default ’0‘ setting of the LS1 remotes volume setting gives 79 dBC at the listening position with a -20 dBFS reference noise (’K14‘).
  • Latency:
    • 7.3 ms (2-way)
    • 40 ms (3-way)
    • 5 ms in ’low-latency‘ mode
  • Current drawn from USB: 250mA.
  • Maximum allowed USB cable length: 2m
  • Height: either 1150mm for Hifi use (standard sofa height) or 1450mm for studio use.
  • Width, Depth: 520mm x 160mm
  • Cabinet volume: 14 liters

Grimm Audio LS1a Studio Monitor Includes

  • 2x Grimm Audio LS1a Studio Monitor
  • 2x Power Cable
  • USB to cat5’ cable (that is actually a USB midi interface) used to do the software setup from the PC

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What We Think


The Grimm Audio LS1 Reference Studio Monitor system sounds unbelievably phenomenal. But when you add the LS1 Sub-Woofer Set to the LS1s, something even better emerges. When listening to the Grimm LS1s with the subs added, we noticed a sound that was not "effecty" - as if designed for wow-factor; as if to impress someone who truly does not know what they are listening for. Instead, we were suddenly immersed inside a world of music in a way that we have not been before. Using Dire Straits' 'Water Of Love' as a reference (Listen to something you know!) we were able to hear each drum in space. It was if we could reach out and touch each tom-tom of the drum kit. It became blatantly obvious just how valuable these monitors with the subs would be not only in a mastering situation, but we think 'especially' in a mixing application. Why not get it all right from the start? Granted, we're talking about a set of monitors that with the subs, would set one back more than what they have in their vehicle. Still, for the discriminating professional, the Grimm Audio LS1 and Subwoofer Set should warrant serious consideration. We could tell right away that not only could we hear everything perfectly in such a way that we could detect any imperfection and immediately know just what to do with it, that we would enjoy our work in the studio so much more than normal. And if we would enjoy it more, then so would my clients, which is perhaps the most important consideration, after all, isn't it!?

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