Grimm Audio LS1 Studio Monitors (Pair)

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Grimm Audio LS1 Studio Monitors

The Grimm Audio LS1 Studio Monitors are explicitly for those who want the most neutral and transparent sound reproduction our of their studio montitors.

A good monitor combines a high degree of accuracy with untrammeled musicality. There aren't many of those around - common wisdom has it that you can have one or the other but never both. The Grimm Audio LS1 Reference Studio Monitor is the first monitor to prove conventional wisdom wrong.

True accuracy is about getting all the bits in the right place: not losing anything, not adding anything either. The LS1 offers this accuracy, reproducing a truly musical recording accurately, with all beauty intact. At the same time, the LS1 will also reproduce any imperfection, giving you all the information you need to get it right. These qualities make the LS1 an ideal monitor for both mastering and mixing.

Looking at the design, the box is much wider than it is deep, the small (14 liters) sealed box is designed to provide an effective baffle down to around 250Hz. It is suspended between two half cylinders that combat diffractions and function as an integral two-legged floor stand. An 8" magnesium woofer and a 1" dome tweeter divide the work between them.

Housed in one of the two legs are the drive electronics, encompassing two 180W Class D power amplifiers, a 48/76-bit DSP, digital I/O, AD/DA and the same clock circuit as our CC1 master clock.

The concept of the LS1 draws maximum benefit from intelligent application of DSP technology. An IIR crossover imposes exact LR4 acoustic slopes crossing at 1550Hz, and the phase is subsequently corrected using an idealized inverted all-pass filter, resulting in a maximally linear phase response without any pre-echoes. This removes the "digital loudspeaker sound signature" typical of the more ubiquitous impulse inverted FIR designs.

Despite their compact size, the floor standing speakers are clearly intended as main monitors in mastering studios and mixing rooms that have space to put free-standing speakers. The DSP controlled analog subwoofer output allows for perfect and easy integration with stereo subwoofers, for those that need high SPL performance below 40 Hz.

Grimm Audio LS1 Studio Monitors Features

  • Two-way active loudspeaker with DSP crossover correction
  • Extremely accurate frequency response and time domain response
  • Minimum phase, zero pre-echo impulse response
  • Sealed enclosure, precisely controlled bass response
  • Wide baffle: controlled dispersion down to 250 Hz
  • Digital and analog inputs
  • DSP controlled frequency curve
  • Well-behaved off-axis response
  • Analog subwoofer output. Easy subwoofer integration
  • Midi I/O for control of volume and settings
  • Daisy-chainable
  • User-settable low corner and baffle step correction
  • Compatible with 32kHz to 192kHz sampling rates
  • Audiophile quality Seas drivers

Grimm Audio LS1 Studio Monitors Specifications

  • Frequency response: 55Hz-30kHz +/-0.5dB. 45Hz-40kHz -3dB (Low corner is user-settable between 35Hz and 100Hz, Q=0.7 or 0.5)
  • Deviation from minimum phase +/-2°
  • Amplifier power: 2x120W
  • Max SPL: 109dB/1m
  • SNR: 114dB (unweighted)
  • Crossover function: 1.55kHz LR4, sum corrected to minimum phase
  • Latency: 2ms
  • Internal volume: 14 liters
  • Height: 1450mm, 1150mm available on demand
  • Width, depth: 520mm x 160mm

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What We Think - Grimm Audio LS1 Review

"The Grimm Audio LS1 Reference Studio Monitor system sounds unbelievably phenomenal. But when you add the LS1 Sub-Woofer Set to the LS1s, something even better emerges. When listening to the Grimm LS1s with the subs added, I noticed a sound that was not 'effecty' - as if designed for wow-factor; as if to impress someone who truly does not know what they are listening for. Instead, I was suddenly immersed inside a world of music in a way that I have not been before. Using Dire Straits' 'Water Of Love' as a reference (Listen to something you know!) I was able to hear each drum in space. It was if I could reach out and touch each tom-tom of the drum kit. It became blatantly obvious just how valuable these monitors with the subs would be not only in a mastering situation, but I think 'especially' in a mixing application. Why not get it all right from the start? Granted, we're talking about a set of monitors that with the subs, would set one back more than what they have in their vehicle. Still, for the discriminating professional, the Grimm Audio LS1 and Subwoofer Set should warrant serious consideration. I could tell right away that not only could I hear everything perfectly in such a way that I could detect any imperfection and immediately know just what to do with it, that I would enjoy my work in the studio so much more than normal. And if I would enjoy it more, then so would my clients, which is perhaps the most important consideration, after all, isn't it?"

- Front End Audio

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