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The FMR Audio RNC 500-Series "Really Nice" Compressor is based upon the successful RNC, and not only fits the increasingly popular 500-Series rack, but delivers an improved dynamic fidelity befitting the format!

Based upon our successful Really Nice Compressor, this variation not only fits the increasingly popular API500 series rack, but delivers an improved dynamic fidelity befitting the format! This dynamic-range compressor provides positive signal control while leveraging its pedigree for simultaneously reducing collateral sonic damage. Additionally, we've added some thoughtful features that most folks won't overtly notice, but will be glad that they're there: overcurrent protection prevents a rare failure from bringing down your whole 500-series rack, an early-warning power supply detection that causes the RNC500 to enter bypass, irrespective of the front panel switch position,to avoid power-down "pops", a robust 18 guage electro-galvanized enclosure that keeps the delicate electronics safe from harm and helps protect against Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) from affecting things inside or outside of the enclosure.

How It Sounds
As with the original RNC, the RNC500 can exhibit a sonic neutrality while giving the recordist a level-of-control difficult to obtain without adding unwanted artifacts. Unlike the original RNC, however, the RNC500 possesses a sonic "beefiness", a growl, if you will, that adds a slight, but very compliant, bottom-end to the source material. Years ago, we designed a multi-channel RNC for London's famed Air Studios. It was with that device that we first encountered an RNC with extra "heft". It turns out that much of this "un-RNC like" growl is a result of the higher operating I/O levels like those present on the RNC500. It seems that the harder the RNC500 is hit, the heftier the sound. Overall, we'd still characterize the RNC500 as "clean", but with a hint of attitude...that's under your control!

How It's Done
Like all FMR Audio dynamic audio processing products, they have replaced sidechain electronics with chunks of software to accomplish both a bill-of-materials cost reduction while simultaneously improving dynamic performance accuracy and consistency. The beauty of this approach is that the main signal path (all dynamic audio processors have two paths: a sidechain/control path and the main audio path) remains firmly in the analog domain thereby avoiding latency and digital conversion artifacts that are sometimes unwanted. Coupled with a faster (40x) processor and higher-resolution (24-bit) arithmetic, sealed switches & relays, multi-layer printed circuit board (PCB) the RNC500 will deliver smooth, controllable and reliable compression for years to come.

FMR Audio RNC 500-Series "Really Nice" Compressor Features

  • Single-channel, 500-series version of the RNC.
  • Balanced input & output.
  • Linkable for stereo operation.
  • Maximum input/output levels of +28dBu.
  • Overcurrent protection circuits safeguard 500-series rack operation in case of power supply faults.
  • 24-bit arithmetic for smoother compression.
  • SuperNice & Normal modes.
  • Accurate signal level metering via power-saving "dot" gain-reduction display.
  • Sealed, C&K subminiature toggle switches.
  • Blue-anodized, machined aluminum knobs.

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  • 5
    FMR RNC 500
    Chris Maher

    Fantastic compressor! I called Front End and spoke with Ryan about this specific compressor and he sold it on me based on my needs and I could not be happier with the enhanced sound my recordings have gotten from this 500 module!

  • 5
    RNC 500

    Great sounding comp. Flexible and clean. Great value. Better than many I've used that cost much more.

What We Think


This is a very matured and refined version of the RNC. While familiar in features and base tone/character, it is an impressive improvement. It is more like a compressor you would find in a quality large format console. I have always liked FMR Audio's gear, and have so since 2002 (when I got my first RNC). With the RNC500, I am impressed by FMR Audio's gear. This is good enough to be in a pro studio. You should have this on your short list (for those empty spaces in your 500 rack).

Ryan Ferris, Pro Audio Sales

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