FMR Audio RNC "Really Nice" Compressor

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FMR Audio RNC "Really Nice" Compressor

The FMR Audio RNC "Really Nice" Compressor is a high-fidelity, stereo compressor intended to provide dynamic range control with minimal side effects! Between the quality, performance, and price point – the FMR RNC really just makes sense.

The FMR Audio RNC Compressor provides two modes of operation: normal and SuperNice. Normal mode allows the RNC to be used for everyday compression tasks, like punchy snare drums or bass guitars, and is great for everything from gentle compression to serious squashing. SuperNice mode provides near-invisible signal compression for sensitive material where compression artifacts are less desirable (like vocals, acoustic guitar or the program bus).

How It Sounds
The RNC provides two modes of operation. One allows the RNC to be used for special effects, like snappy snares or popping basses. The other provides near-invisible signal compression for sensitive material where compression artifacts are less desirable (like natural vocals, acoustic guitar or the program bus). The RNC yields clean, airy compression with few artifacts and little high-end loss, even at massive gain reduction! The amazing performance is why—even after almost 20 years—many professionals are calling the RNC one of the best sounding compressors for under $2000.

How It's Done
The RNC achieves such high performance at a low cost by using using a microprocessor to replace discrete sidechain components (resistors, diodes, capacitors, opamps, transistors, etc) with chunks of software, thereby reducing the component cost. This approach, however, still processes the main audio in the analog domain, avoiding the problems associated with digital audio conversion (e.g., latency, digital artifacts). Even the problem of "scratchy" pots and switches are avoided: no audio flows through the front-panel controls. The front-panel pots and swtiches merely feed DC voltages to the microprocessor and it takes care of adjusting parameters and signal path with components—like sealed-relays and VCAs—located close to the input/output jacks avoiding noise pickup and audio quality reduction due to aging controls! With this blend of technology, the RNC offers the accuracy and precision of digital control with the clean tonal character of an all-analog signal path. The RNC's digital control permits accurate repeatability of your favorite settings.

FMR Audio RNC "Really Nice" Compressor Features

  • Stereo compressor in 1/3 rack size.
  • Accurate & repeatable 5-parameter controls.
  • "Normal" mode for serious signal squashing. Very fast attack times allow positive control of percussive sources.
  • "Super Nice" mode for near invisible compression. This mode cascades three stereo compressors in series to reduce compression artifacts.
  • Single TRS-cable attachement to many "insert" jacks.
  • 1/4" TRS sidechain insert for special effects.
  • No audio flows through front-panel controls, permitting short audio runs to avoid hum/noise pickup.
  • Rack-mountable.
  • Rugged extruded aluminum and electro-galvanized steel enclosure.

What We Think

I have been the proud owner of an FMR Audio RNC "Really Nice" Compressor for eight years now. Even have one of the original ones that were built in the plastic project box. Eight years later, and it still works like the day I bought it, and makes it into every recording session I do. The RNC is unbelievably transparent. It is great for some parallel compression on a drum buss, where you don’t want to add color to the mix; you just want the drums bigger. It also does a great job in balancing a stereo piano performance. Of course my favorite feature is the “Super Nice” mode. Engage that the next time you need that perfect vocal or acoustic guitar vocal. FMR gear has definitely made itself a home in my studio. Between the quality, performance, and price point – it really just makes sense.


- Ryan

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  • 5
    Lives up to the name.

    Posted by Hecky Verdugo on Jul 3rd 2020

    Great on drums and vocals. Love it!

  • 5

    Posted by Hecky Verdugo on Jul 3rd 2020

    Great compressor for drum room mics, been using it on my vocal chain and sounds really good too. Lives up to the name

  • 5

    Posted by Georgia Thompson on Jun 7th 2020

    It’s very nice and got here in plenty of time for my husband’s birthday! Thank you!

  • 5
    Fmr really nice compressor

    Posted by Gary on Apr 26th 2020

    Why did I wait so long to get this? I am an idiot, that's why. It is worth every penny, and is one of the few products I've ever used that lives up to the hype.

  • 5
    FMR RNC 1773

    Posted by Clewythe13 on Dec 22nd 2019

    This stereo compressor is the best sounding compressor for the price. With the “super nice” mode you get another compressor without the transient artifacts. If you have two RNC 1773 then you can use them for mid side compression using the left channel of each compressor. It’s a must buy for any audio engineer!

  • 5

    Posted by sal velarde on Apr 12th 2019

    Don't know why I waited so long to get the RNC. I patched it through my Great River pre and it does marvels with vocals.
    Thanks Front End for the recommendation!

  • 4
    Useful in the Field...

    Posted by Mark Swantkowski on Jan 9th 2018

    I am using the RNC for field recordings of choral groups and brass ensembles... It provides the transparency I'm looking for, and also the type of compression that best suits my needs...

  • 5

    Posted by Cliff Gassett on Mar 27th 2017

    Before we talk about the RNC , I have to say that I am blown away by the customer care at Front End Audio.
    I didn't upgrade shipping (free 5-7 day shipping), but could not believe that I ordered it on Monday morning and had it in my hands Wednesday evening!
    Customer Service is still alive, at least it is at Front End.
    By the way, the compressor is awesome too, but I knew that when I ordered it.
    Best price and best service by far!

  • 5

    Posted by Anonymous on Dec 27th 2013

    Great little compressor for less than $200.