FMR Audio RNP "Really Nice" Preamp

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FMR Audio RNP "Really Nice" Preamp

The FMR Audio RNP "Really Nice" Preamp is a clean, full-sounding microphone dual channel preamp. No matter what you are recording; if you want to capture the sound as honestly as possible, and you have to do it on a budget - the RNP is the way to go.

The FMR Audio RNP is a pair of separate mic preamps providing up to 66dB of gain at vanishing low distortion levels in a compact 1/3 rack format. The RNP possesses all the features you'd expect from a professional preamp: accurate signal metering,1MΩ input impedance DI inputs, high input level capability (up to +28dBu input), high-capacity phantom power supply, sealed relay switching for invert/phantom functions, gold-plated 12-position gain switch, TRS insert between preamp stage and output driver, +28dBu TRS-balanced outputs, 5kΩ differential input impedance on mic input, plus features like output muting during phantom engage/disengage and battery or AC mains operation.

How It Sounds
The FMR Audio RNP was designed with sonic neutrality in mind without sounding "clinical" or sterile. There's very little coloration—no unexpected frequency response peaks and valleys—across the very wide frequency response (125kHz) at every gain setting. Particularly, there's no variation in the preamp's low frequency response as a function of gain setting. Basically, what you put into the RNP you get out with very little additional effect.

How It's Done
Modern opamps—little miracles of the semiconductor age—make the design of decent-sounding preamps up to 50dB, or so, an almost trivial exercise. It's the last 10 to 15dB that really uncovers the flaws in amplifier design. The RNP's design uses a unique configuration that permits Class-A operation of a discrete transistor pair that almost completely erases the non-linear effects of Vbe and emitter bulk resistance that dog traditional preamp circuits. Additionally, special circuitry constantly measures and adjusts circuit parameters to eliminate gain-control path capacitors and avoids costly individual-trimming to achieve low-distortion, high-CMRR performance required in commercial audio settings over the life of the preamp!

FMR Audio RNP "Really Nice" Preamp Features

  • Two-channel micpre in 1/3 rack size
  • Pristine Class-A, very low distortion performance (<0.0005%@+10dBu input).
  • Pad-less operation up to +28dBu XLR input levels.
  • Maximum output level of +28dBu.
  • Innovative circuit design.
  • Accurate & repeatable gain switch.
  • Accurate signal level metering.
  • Front-panel unbalanced DI high impedance (>1M Ohm) instrument input on each micpre.
  • TRS insert jacks facilitate easy patching of external effects w/o interrupting the output connection.
  • Balanced input and output.
  • Rack-mountable.

What We Think

The FMR Audio RNP is one of my favorite utilitarian mic pres on the market. It is hard to find a mic pre that is as balanced and neutral sounding as the RNP, and you are getting two of them! No matter what you are recording; if you want to capture the sound as honestly as possible, and you have to do it on a budget - the RNP is the way to go. Perfect for home studio and project studio owners, and good enough to be in a pro studio. One of my favorite features is the auto-mute that engages when you cut on or off phantom. This is a great feature, so if you are working on a session and need to keep your levels set, it will mute then ramp on or off phantom, then unmute - so you don't get any pops that will damage the gear it is connected to. A great investment all around!


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    Pre amp works like a pre amp, easy to use, and I really like the 6dB gain stepping. Works for me.

  • 5

    This is great deal for two high quality preamps that are built in the US. Because the unit is so compact, I can easily bring it with my audio interface to replace the onboard preamps or to add more channels for an on location recording. I recently was recording a sax quartet project on a preamp that was 3 times the price per channel than the RNP. When layering the parts, I thought the sound was thin and not happy with the recording quality. I started re-recorded with the RNP and it was much better.

  • 5

    Although the preamps name is Really Nice Preamp, this preamp doesn't really look nice when it comes to the looks! But this doesn't matter because the quality of the preamps is what matter! This preamp compares to $1,000+ preamps! If you're looking to buy a decent preamp, make sure you take into consideration to look at this one!

  • 5
    good clean fun!

    This is a great bang-for-the-buck clean, reliable pre. It gets five-stars for the low-cost in relation to the 70db of good clean gain. It's small, making it easy to use in different situations. Only thing that bugs me with it are the stepped pots – would love a variable trim control.

  • 4
    my order

    ok i have appreciate the quickly expedition and serious package. The Rnp is a powerfull and clear preamp great for accoustic guitar record. It can give you more gain then you need no distortion nice sound définition.

  • 5

    Lots of good clean gain and no extra features to get in the way or muck up the sound. Makes all my mics sound great.

  • 5
    one word "Amazing"

    nothing in its price range can beat this little box. it even gives the big boys something to be afraid of. two channels of clean with character gain with 48v, phase reverse and HiZ inputs. dynamic mics love this pre and condensers sound full with crisp highs. you will hear your sm57 for the very first time through the FMR RNP!!!