FMR Audio Rack Shelf

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Product Code: 9999-14052
FMR Audio Rack Shelf
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FMR Audio Rack Shelf

The FMR Audio Rack Shelf is a custom-made rack tray is specifically designed to hold up to three RNC's, RNLA's, RNP's or PBC-6A's in a 1U rack space.

Secure mounting is accomplished by utilizing a US-standard 10-32 "rack" screw that is placed through a dimpled hole in the tray up into a captive 10-32 nut built into the base of our 1/3 rack products. Since all of our 1/3 rack products have four rubberized feet, tightening the screw causes the unit to compress the feet, thereby holding the unit firmly and resisting loosening due to vibration.

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this is nice product

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