Lindell Audio 77X-500 500-Series Compressor

Lindell Audio

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The Lindell Audio 77X-500 500-Series Compressor is a stereo FET-based compressor that's ideal for use on stereo buses, stems, submixes, and instrument sources such as drum overheads and double-miked electric guitars.

With four OPA1731 opamps and transformer-balanced outputs, the 77X-500 delivers 1176-style compression in linked and unlinked modes. It even offers the classic All-Buttons-In 100:1 ratio as well as 4:1 and 12:1 settings. Attack and release times are variable, while the sidechain's high-pass filter is switchable between off, 100 Hz, and 200 Hz positions. Dial in precise parallel compression via the mix control, and keep track of your gain reduction with the 20-LED meters. A dedicated toggle switch is provided for true hardware bypass. The 77X-500 occupies two slots in any 500 Series power supply (required and available separately).

Lindell Audio 77X-500 500-Series Compressor Features

  • 1176-style compression ideal for use on stereo buses, stems, and submixes
  • Supports linked or unlinked operation
  • Variable mix control for precise parallel compression
  • Adjustable input and output knobs
  • Trim pots for fine adjustment of output levels
  • Attack time variable from 20 to 800 microseconds
  • Release time variable from 50 milliseconds to 1.1 seconds
  • Sidechain high-pass filter with three positions (Off, 100 Hz, and 200 Hz) for mitigating excessive compression on bass-heavy signals
  • Four vintage-style OPA1731 opamps
  • All FETs matched for stereo control
  • Gold-plated PCB enhances conductivity and resists corrosion

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