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The Crane Song EGRET Converter & Summing Mixer is a highly flexible digital audio workstation back end. It contains 8 channels of high quality D/A converters and a stereo line level mixer with color options to help bring analog summed digital mixes to life.

The Crane Song EGRET Converter & Summing Mixer's each channel has a level control, an aux send (which is post level control), a color control, and a pan control. Each channel also contains an analog / digital source button, and solo - mute buttons. The color function is adjustable from a transparent sound to a complex mix of second and third harmonic content, creating the possibility of having clean modern sounds mixed with vintage sounds.

By using the balanced direct outputs and the balanced analog inputs you can insert analog processing into individual channels. The built in Aux bus with its master level control can be used as an effects send. A balanced stereo effects return is built into the system.

The master stereo bus level control, which is a stepped attenuator, has 1 dB steps for most of its range. This allows for accurate gain control, repeatability, and stereo gain matching to better than .05 dB. The headphone system allows a monitor mix to be created when the Crane Song Egret is being used in multi channel location recording. Thus allowing the monitoring of all channels. The D/A converters support sample rates up to 192K and have sample rate converters on each channel for jitter reduction. There is a front panel switch to disable the SRC for cases where lower latency is required. The system is built so that the converters and the interface can be upgraded as the technology changes. The standard interface supports AES single wire to 192KHz, ADAT, and S/MUX to 96K. The converters can also be independently operated, even at different sample rates.

The Crane Song Egret is built so that the stereo and cue buses can be chained together to create a multiple input system. With a special cable the Crane Song Egret's stereo bus can also be tied to a Crane Song SPIDER as a way to sum additional analog inputs while working in a mix mode.

Crane Song EGRET Converter & Summing Mixer Features

  • Color - The color knob provides an adjustable tape - like color that softens transits and adds second and third order harmonics.
  • Pan - It positions the channel output through the left right stereo bus.
  • Level - It levels the channel level or fader.
  • Solo Button - By pressing this in the channel is soloed. The red LED lights on all muted channels.
  • Mute Button - By pressing this in the channel is muted. The red LED lights on all muted channels.
  • Aux Level - This is for use as an effects send it is post level.
  • Source Button - By pressing this in the external analog source is selected. With it out the channels D/A converter is selected.
  • Phones Knob - This is the level of the headphones. This is to monitor the stereo bus and is designed for 1 head phone.
  • Aux Master - This is the aux bus of effects send bus master level.
  • Source - This is digital input selection. It has 3 choices. The left most is AES/EBU. The middle position is ADAT input. The right position is for future expansion.
  • Master - This is the stereo bus level and is a stepped attenuator. The green LED showes the level setting.
  • Meter - The meter is peak reading with the over load LED (red) comming on at +25dbu.
  • SRC - This disables the sample rate converter. The SRC will reduce the jitter of the incomming digital audio. This also allows the use of better filters in audio reconstruction.
  • Phones - Headphone monitoring of the stereo bus.

Crane Song EGRET Converter & Summing Mixer Specifications

  • Input & Output Connections: Pin 2 is Sig + , Pin 3 is Sig- , Pin 1 is GND
  • Power: 100V, 120V, 230V, 240V; 50/60 Hz; 55 Watts
  • Fuse Types: MDL 0.6A Fuse for 100V & 120V, MDL 0.3A Fuse for 230V & 240V
  • Pilot Lamp: # 7335
  • Shipping Weight: 19 lbs. (8.6 kg)
  • Depth Behind Panel: 12.5 inches (31.75 cm) Plus Cabling
  • Panel Height: 2 Rack Spaces

Crane Song EGRET Converter & Summing Mixer Includes

  • Crane Song EGRET Converter & Summing Mixer

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What We Think


We have found the Crane Song Egret to be one of the most sonically pleasing units of it's type that we've ever had the pleasure of using. However, it's really a unique product in that nobody else is really offering an 8-channel DA / Mixer - especially not one of this quality. The Egret offers all of the purity and imaging you would desire from a dedicated summing amp, but with the capabilities of a mixer. Typically, the components of a mixer will compromise the audio path which can result in issues such as crosstalk, diminished clarity of image, and so forth... But the Crane Song Egret simply continues to sound beautiful throughout. "Despite the extremely wonderful sounding musical clarity of the digital conversion and audio paths, the place where the Egret will gain some serious acclaim from users will be the "Color" knob. The idea here is that the path is clean and the summing injects nothing upon the sound (which will let the sound breathe in a way that you won't hear normally when trying to cram it all through a pair of converters), but then you can add tape-like character to taste on each element. The Color effect is actually not something that is easy to over-do. It sounds fantastic! Full, but tight and adding a certain forwardness and added clarity that which you can gain with a little tape compression. Of course you can add more overall character (or, glue) by feeding the output to a stereo compressor and to a Crane Song HEDD 192 for printing the final mix, which has more specific modes (Triode, Pentode, Tape) for adding harmonic character content to stereo program material. Together with the Crane Song Spider as a front-end and some sort of AES/EBU or ADAT computer interface card, the Egret rounds out a fantastic and expandable recording and mixing system.

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