Electrodyne Summing Station Summing Mixer


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The Electrodyne Summing Station Summing Mixer is an active 16-channel summing mixer with stereo insert inspired by 1970's large format console summing and stereo buss.

The Electrodyne Audio Summing Station uses an active circuit design with balanced outputs and stereo insert path. It uses transformers originally designed by Electrodyne and discerete transistor op-amps throughout. A transformer control offers a choice between “Tight” and “Warm” character.

In addition, the Summing Station provides a high quality control room monitor section with Stereo Mix, Artist Cue, XLR and 1/8” mobile device inputs. It also boasts Main and Alt monitor selector to let you select a second pair of reference monitors as well as a high-quaility headphone amplifier with extremely low distortion balanced signal path.

Analogue and Digital cue input section can be routed to headphone or studio monitor mix while a Talkback mic with control room monitor dim function . A “Control Room Listen” function lets the artist hear control room sources for playback and rehearsal activities.

Electrodyne Summing Station Summing Mixer Features

  • 16 channel active summing network and stereo bus with fully balanced stereo insert path.
  • Transformer balanced analog outputs. Transformer control for "tight" vs. "warm" mix bus sonics.
  • Precision Detented Master Bus Level Pot with Stereo Bus Calibration Trimmers.
  • Original Electrodyne design transformers and discrete transistor op-amps throughout.
  • Complete True Large-Fromat analogue summing bus with stereo insert
  • Stunning 'Console Style' Sound
  • Essential Studio Control Room monitoring features
  • Artist Cue/Talkback
  • High-power headphone Amp
  • Made in USA.

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