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The Phoenix Audio Scion builds upon their famed Nicerizer analog summing mixers. The Scion has all the best foundational parts of the Nicerizer, but features the ability to provide three different mixes, utilizing three different character/tone options.

The Phoenix Audio Scion Summing Mixer is a 100% Class-A Discrete Analog Summing Mixer, loaded with tons of great features. With the Scion, Phoenix provides a transformerless input stage, that brings a full frequency spectrum, unrivaled clarity and punch. The output features multiple paths for three distinct mixes. One that is transformerless for superiour clarity, the other features Phoenix's custom wound DB694 transformers for a smooth and harmonically rich tone, and the third an parallel blending of the two tones together. This is coupled with their fully discrete DSOP-2 output amplifier. The DSOP-2 is the result of Phoenix’s head-designer David Rees’ forward-thinking solutions for upgrading vintage Neve consoles. Improve on Neve? Indeed, the DSOP-2 represents the pinnacle of Class-A output circuits, offering a smooth transition from ultra-clean to beautifully saturated tones. All outputs can be used simultaneously so in theory mix engineers will be able to record 3 distinctive mixes simultaneously to offer their clients great sonic flexible options.

Three unique stereo color busses
Scion is a summing mixer with three unique stereo busses offering three unique sounding color options for true creativity and innovation.

  • ‘Color’ - featuring our Classic Phoenix Audio transformer output, this is also the most colored summing mixer offered by Phoenix Audio with our newest evolution of our Class A discrete output amplifiers.
  • ‘Clean’ - our purest ever signal path Class A analog tone offering sparkling highs and robust lows featuring no artifacts to color the signal path.
  • ‘Mix’ - the most creative output control allowing the ability to mix the output from ‘clean’ to ‘color’ and anywhere in between, this can be used as a wet/dry control.

Phoenix Audio Scion Summing Mixer Features

  • Three unique Color stereo busses
  • True Analog Summing, with 21 Position detented pots
  • Stereo Width Control
  • Accepts both Balanced and Unbalanced inputs
  • Stereo Bus Insert
  • Independently Controlled Aux Output
  • Bus Linking - Allowing for two Scions to be chained for 32 inputs
  • 100% Class-A Discrete Analog Summing
  • Fully discrete DSOP-2 output amplifier
  • Custom wound DB694 transforemers

Phoenix Audio Scion Summing Mixer Specifications

  • 16 channels of our Class A, discrete, truly balanced transformerless input stage.
  • Our proven and loved Class A, discrete, transformer balanced output stage (DSOP-2).
  • Phoenix custom wired transformers on both color outputs.
  • Individual detented pan control for each channel (16 x Pan pots)
  • 2 x Balanced 8 channel D-sub inputs. Can accept balanced or unbalanced input with no -6dB loss.
  • 6 x mix busses (Stereo Mix Bus)
  • 1/4″ TRS unbalanced Insert sends on Busses (L + R Bus Insert points)
  • ‘Drive Technology’ button on each channel for color & saturation
  • Master mix bus output level control.
  • Main Color Outputs on Balanced XLR’s
  • 1/4″ TRS Balanced Jacks for Clean & Mix outputs
  • Class A Stereo Width control with Loss-less Bass. Pan-able from mono through to +25% Wider + Width control Bypass switch.
  • Maximum Output Level of +26dB.
  • Huge headroom available on all channels.
  • All units are wired with PTFE silver plated military grade cable

Phoenix Audio Scion Summing Mixer Includes

  • Phoenix Audio Scion Summing Mixer
  • IEC Power Cable
  • Manufacturer's Warranty

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