Allen & Heath M-Ace-A Ace Card

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Allen & Heath M-Ace-A
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Allen & Heath M-Ace-A Ace Card

The Allen & Heath M-Ace-A Ace Card is one of a range of digital audio networking options available for iLive, dLive and GLD to enable integration with other systems, digital mic splitting and system expansion.

The Allen & Heath M-Ace-A Ace Card can be fitted to the Port B expansion slot in iLive fixed format MixRacks (iDR-16, iDR-32, iDR-48, iDR-64) or expander (xDR-16), Port A/B in iLive modular MixRacks (iDR0, iDR10) and Port A of iLive modular surfaces if they are fitted with the new RAB-2 standard. It can also be fitted to the I/O Module expansion slot in a GLD mixer, and to any I/O Port on a dLive system when equipped with a M-DL-ADAPT interface.

The Allen & Heath proprietary ACE™ (Audio and Control over Ethernet) link offers a cost effective point-to-point connection up to 120m over a single CAT5 cable for 64 channels of very low latency bi-directional audio plus network control. ACE™ is the primary iLive fixed format Surface to MixRack link.

The Allen & Heath M-Ace-A Ace Card provides two ACE™ ports. Port 1 is the main link. Port 2 can be configured either as a mirror of the outputs appearing on port 1 to split signals to a second device, or as a second connection for redundant backup. The iLive NETWORK port can be linked to the ACE card using the short CAT5 cable provided to bridge control over the same cable as the audio.

Allen & Heath M-Ace-A Ace Card Features

  • Audio & Control Ethernet Card
  • For iLive Digital Console
  • 64 Audio channels and control
  • Bi-directional

Allen & Heath M-Ace-A Ace Card Specifications

  • Compatibility: iLive Digital Console
  • Channels: 64 Bi-directional
  • Sampling Rate: 48kHz
  • Depth: 24-Bit
  • Network Latency:
  • MixRack Analogue Input to Surface Analogue Output: 1.1mSecond
  • Audio: 64 Channels Bi-directional PCM Audio
  • Network Control: 9.6 Mbit/s

Allen & Heath M-Ace-A Ace Card Includes

  • Allen & Heath M-Ace-A Ace Card
  • 1 Year Warranty

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