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The Allen & Heath QU-24C Digital Mixer is a feature-packed new Chrome Edition that reshapes digital mixing, combining innovative design and exceptional functionality to create a superb professional mixing experience. Bristling with all the features you’d expect from a top of the range digital console and incorporating technologies pioneered on the GLD and iLive digital mixing systems, QU-24C has the power and pedigree to deliver class-leading audio performance.

The Allen & Heath QU-24C Digital Mixer features include multitrack recording direct to USB, Automatic Mic Mixing, ProFactory mic presets, plus an ever growing ecosystem of apps, accessories and remote I/O. Whether you’re switching from analogue or updating your digital desk, it’s time to experience the new digital with Allen & Heath QU-24C

Qu Ecosystem
Qu provides much more than just a mixer. Qu is an entire ecosystem with Remote AudioRacks allowing I/O to be placed where it’s needed, ME Personal Mixers expanding monitor mixes and enabling simple, time-saving local control, Qu Apps for complete remote setup and wireless mixing on stage or anywhere else in the venue, ProFactory Mic presets to speed up preparation time and ensure the best sound, plus USB recording and DAW integration for powerful workflow optimisation from one centrepiece device.

AnalogiQ Preamps
The Allen & Heath Qu-24C features twenty-four AnalogiQ digitally controlled preamps with advanced zero-crossing detection and a padless 1dB-step gain stage, which have been closely allied to the DSP for optimal gain accuracy and audio transparency. The analogue signal is captured by high-class, low latency 24bit analogue to digital converters, and are matched to 24bit digital to analogue converters to deliver the required high quality output. The AnalogiQ preamp design has been refined to offer superb transparency, minimal distortion and an ultra-low noise floor, with a warm, musical sound that is missing from some digital consoles.

The Mixing Experience
Having massive processing power and advanced functionality counts for nothing if you can’t access the controls you need in a heartbeat. The 800×480, True Colour Touchscreen and its dedicated rotary encoder form the heart of Allen & Heath Qu-24C’s interface, providing super-fast access to all settings and parameters. Dedicated keys and screen tabs quickly guide you to meter and RTA views, FX racks, channel processing, USB audio control, scenes, setup menus and much more. Complementing the touchscreen is the SuperStrip – a set of single function physical controls for instant access to gain, HPF, 4 band PEQ, gate, compressor, GEQ and pan. The screen overview also follows the control being turned.

One Channel / One Fader
The Allen & Heath Qu-24C has a fader per mono input channel and fewer fader layers for simpler, quicker workflow. Some digital mixers don’t offer a fader per physical input, meaning you have to access an additional fader layer to control these channels. This can be confusing and time consuming. Because every mic input is presented on its own fader for fast, easy control, this makes Allen & Heath Qu-24C the perfect mixer for first-time converts from analogue to digital and those not comfortable working with several layers of faders.

Total Recall
True digital mixing is about being able to save and recall Scenes (snapshots) at the press of a button. Qu can store up to 100 full Scenes for recall and Channels or Mixes can be made Safe from being overwritten. The Allen & Heath Qu-24C features 25 motorized ALPS faders, 24 allow instant access to all input channels and masters over 2 layers, and a dedicated master fader dynamically follows the Mix selection. A third User-defined Custom layer is available for ad-hoc strip layout, where any combination of Inputs, FX Sends, FX Returns, DCA’s and Mix masters can be assigned.

ProFactory Mic Presets
Allen & Heath has teamed up with leading microphone manufacturers and top engineers at Audio-Technica, Sennheiser, and Shure to provide EQ Library presets for a large number of popular and industry standard microphones. Presets for vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, drums, brass and woodwind have been painstakingly crafted to offer you the best possible starting point for the source and your microphone of choice. Whether you’re a keen amateur or a seasoned professional, you can get to work quickly and easily, saving valuable time so you can concentrate on EQ’ing the source and room acoustics.

Rack FX
The Allen & Heath Qu-24C’s dynamics and FX algorithms are derived from those used in Allen & Heath’s pro touring consoles. Some of the world’s most respected audio engineers have chosen to use RackFX on tour in preference to top-end plug-ins and external FX units. The Allen & Heath Qu-24C boasts 4 stereo RackFX engines, featuring lovingly crafted emulations of legendary classic reverbs, gated reverbs, delays, modulators, flangers and more. FX are returned to the mix on dedicated return channels, so you’re not tying up your mono and stereo input channels. Each Stereo FX Return has a dedicated 4 band PEQ.

More Mixes, More Flexibility
The Allen & Heath Qu-24C provides 2 stereo Groups which can be used as subgroups to the main LR mix for group level and processing, for example to buss-compress an entire drum kit, or to tame multiple lavalier mics with a single graphic EQ. Groups can also be switched to Mix mode to provide additional outputs for monitor mixes. The Allen & Heath Qu-24C adds 2 further stereo Matrix outputs equipped with full processing to the console’s extensive I/O. A Matrix is a ‘mixer within a mixer’, fed from any combination of Group 1-4, Mix 1-10, and main LR. It can be used to provide a broadcast feed, a recording mix, or duplicate the main outputs for delay stacks, fill or zone speakers where independent GEQ and delay is applied.

Mac OS and Windows DAW Integration
The Allen & Heath Qu-24’s built-in audio interface streams up to 32 selectable tracks to your Mac or PC and returns from the computer can be easily assigned to the Input channels. The interface is class-compliant on Mac OS X making it truly plug ‘n play and will be recognized straight away by any DAW supporting Core Audio, including Logic, Cubase, Reaper, and Pro Tools. An ASIOTM and WDM compatible driver is available for Windows computers. Standard MIDI control is tunnelled over the USB connection so you can map the faders to the tracks of your favourite DAW. A DAW Control driver is available for easy setup and emulation of HUI or Mackie Control protocols on Mac OS X and Windows systems.

Allen & Heath QU-24C Digital Mixer Specifications

  • Inputs:
    • Mic/Line Inputs: Balanced, XLR and 1/4" TRS Jack, Fully Recallable
      • Input Sensitivity (XLR / TRS): -60 to +5dBu / -50 to +15dBu
      • Analogue Gain: -5 to +60dB, 1dB Steps
      • Maximum Input Level (XLR / TRS): +19dBu / +29dBu
      • Input Impedance (XLR / TRS): >5kohm / >10 kohm
      • THD+N, Unity Gain 0dB: 0.0005% -89 dBu (20-20kHz, Direct Out @0dBu 1kHz)
      • THD+N, Mid Gain +30dB: 0.001% -83dBu (20-20kHz, Direct Out @0dBu 1kHz)
    • Stereo Line Inputs:
      • ST1, ST2 Connector: Balanced, 1/4" TRS Jack, Half-Normalled
      • ST3 Connector: Unbalanced, Stereo 3.5mm Mini Jack
      • Input Sensitivity (ST1, ST2 / ST3): Nominal +4dBu / 0dBu
      • Trim: +/-24dB
      • Maximum Input Level (ST1,ST2 / ST3): +22dBu / +18dBu
      • Input Impedance: >7kohm
  • Outputs:
    • Mix1-10 and LR Out: Balanced, XLR
    • Group and Matrix Out:
      • Output Impedance: <75ohm
      • Nominal Output: +4dBu = 0dB Meter Reading
      • Maximum Output Level: +22dBu
      • Residual Output Noise: -90 dBu (Muted, 20-20kHz)
    • Stereo Alt Out & 2Trk Out: Balanced, 1/4" TRS Jack
      • Source (Alt Output / 2Trk Output): Patchable / LR Post-Fade
      • Output Impedance: <75ohm
      • Nominal Output: +4dBu = 0dB Meter Reading
      • Maximum Output Level: +22dBu
      • Residual Output Noise: -90 dBu (Muted, 20-20kHz)
    • AES Digital Output: 2 Channel, 48kHz Sampling Rate, XLR 2.5Vpp Balanced Terminated 110 Ohm
    • dSNAKE: Remote Source for CH1-32, ST1. ST2. ST3
    • Inputs: Patchable from Mix1-10, LR, Grp1-8. MTX1-4
    • Outputs: Compatible with AudioRacks AR2412, AR84. AB168, Compatible with ME Personal Mixing System
  • System:
    • Measurement: Measured Balanced XLR In to XLR Out, 0dB Gain, 0dBu Input
    • Dynamic Range: 112 dB
    • Frequency Response: +0/-0.5dB 20Hz to 20kHz
    • Headroom: +18 dB
    • Internal Operating Level: 0dBu
    • dBFS Alignment: +18dBu = 0dBFS (+22dBu at XLR Output)
    • Meter Calibration: 0dB meter = -18dBFS (+4dBu at XLR Out)
    • Meter Peak Indication: -3dBFS (+19dBu at XLR Out), Multi-Point Sensing)
    • Meter Signal Indication: -48dBFS (-26dBu at XLR Out)
    • Meter Type: Fast (Peak) Response
    • Sampling Rate: 48kHz +/-100PPM
    • ADC. DAC: 24-bit Delta-Sigma
    • Latency: 1.2 ms (Local XLR in to XLR Out), 0.7 ms (Local XLR in to AES Out)
    • Operating Temperature Range: 0 deg C to 35 deg C, (32 deg F to 95 deg F)
    • Mains Power: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
    • Maximum Power Consumption: 120W
  • USB Audio:
    • Qu-Drive: USB A
      • Stereo Record: 2 Channel, WAV, 48kHz, 24-bit, Patchable
      • Stereo Playback: 2 Channel, WAV, 44.1 or 48kHz, 16 or 24-bit, to ST3
      • Multitrack Record: 18 Channel, WAV, 48kHz, 24-Bit, Patchable
      • Multitrack Playback: 18 Channel, WAV, 48kHz, 24-Bit
  • USB Audio Streaming: USB B, Core Audio Compliant
    • Send (Upstream): 32 Channel, WAV, 48kHz, 24-bit
    • Return (Downstream): 30 Channel, WAV, 48kHz, 24-bit
  • Mechanical:
    • Dimensions (W x D x H):
      • Desk Mounted: 632 mm x 500 mm x 186 mm (24.9" x 19.7" x 7.4")
      • Packed in Shipping Box: 670 mm x 790 mm x 350 mm (26.4" x 31.1" x 13.8")
    • Weight:
      • Unpacked Weight: 14 kg (31 lbs)
      • Packed Weight: 18 kg (40 lbs)

Allen & Heath QU-24C Digital Mixer Includes

  • Allen & Heath QU-24C Digital Mixer
  • Power Cord
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Safety Sheet
  • 1 Year Warranty

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