AEA R88 & TRP2 Stereo Package

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AEA R88 & TRP2 Stereo Package

The AEA R88 & TRP2 Stereo Package combines two of AEA's most powerful creative tools to help you reach the apex of stereo recording. Included is a R88 MK2 Microphone, the TRP2 Preamp and a set of cables!

By pairing the natural clarity of the AEA R88 MK2 Ribbon Microphone with the high-impedance, high-gain musicality of the AEA TRP2 Preamp, this kit delivers the essential setup for recording organic, expansive stereo sound. Front end Audio will even throw in a pair of mogami Gold cables just to make sure you have everything you need right out of the box.

AEA R88 & TRP2 Stereo Package Includes

  • AEA R88 MK2 Stereo Ribbon Microphone
  • AEA TRP2 Preamp
  • 2 x Mogmai Gold Microphone Cables (15 Foot)

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