AEA A440 Ribbon Microphone

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AEA A440
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AEA A440 Ribbon Microphone

The AEA A440 Ribbon Microphone, delivers a hot, big ribbon sound with all the warmth and beauty of the classic 44! This mic is unlike any other product on the market today and no professional studio should be without one.

With the release of the A440, AEA has synthesized more than 30 years of experience with high performance microphones. The A440 is the quietest ribbon microphone ever produced. The A440 combines all the warmth and beauty of the classic 44, both sonically and visually, but with a signal so hot you'll have to try it to believe it. Like the rest of AEA's Big Ribbon Mics, it needs little EQ, takes it nicely when you want it, and is free of resonances in audible range. The A440 is unlike any other product on the market today and no professional studio should be without one.

Like its cousin, the R44CX, The A440 is based on the RCA 44BX, but is phantom powered and uses a Lundahl transformer. It uses the same RCA NOS ribbon element, only 1.8 microns thick, which is from material originally manufactured for RCA. It also features the museum quality shell with a durable bronze investment cast yoke. An umber paint with red medallion transformer case and bright nickel finishes with golden accents is standard. The microphone package includes a three meter cloth covered Accusound Silver Studio Pro cable, a zippered canvas bag, and AEA 44VC vertical case for proper shipping and storage.

The A440, like the rest of AEA's manufactured product lines, is manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A.

At the low frequency end the A440 delivers bass with effortless authority. It has a flat frequency response and holds an accurate figure-eight polar pattern down to 20 Hz. The A440 has a smooth and articulate midrange, and at the high end, transients are quick and detailed without hard edges.

Musicians and engineers say that what they hear during playback, is exactly what they heard in the studio. It is one of the best sounding mics ever made for recording acoustic music.

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What We Think - AEA A440 Review

"The AEA A440 is high-output powerhouse! Scoring engineers have always needed extremely natural sounding microphones such as the RCA 44 or the AEA R44 to deliver exceptional movie soundtracks. However, the extra gain needed when traditional passive ribbons are used as room mics or in a decca-tree formation, often results in noise that is unacceptable. What to do? Enter Wes Dooley and the fine folks at AEA! The A440 is basically the result of AEA creating and placing the quietest and best sounding active preamp ever made for ribbon microphones inside a specially designed R44. The result is a solution for exceptionally quiet and exceptionally musical recordings. Is it for everyone? Probably not. If you're recording drums, then you're probably better served with a pair of R44s and an RPQ. Acoustic guitars, mandolins, and other acoustic instruments will definitely benefit from the A440 and what I call the signature AEA R44 "kick in the gut".

- Front End Audio

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    A satisfied customer

    Posted by B. Kelley on May 24th 2010

    Received the A440 microphone right on time. Had a chance to hook up and try it out for about an hour in the studio. Superb, Excellent. Am well pleased. The preformance of this microphone is unsurpassed by any microphone I have used and that is a wide range of mikes. I look forward to using this microphone over a wide range of music. Thanks Alan for being instrumental in me getting exactly what I wanted. I rate you and Front End Audio EXCELLENT on this entire transaction.

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    Amazing mic

    Posted by Ray on Mar 18th 2010

    I'm still in the process of familiarizing myself with the A440, but so far I've been nothing short of amazed by it. Smooth, deep and super quiet. Sometimes the low end can be a little overwhelming, but adjusting the placement and applying a little high-pass filter on the way in and a low shelf after the fact usually does the trick. When I get everything just right on my Taylor 514, it's a beautiful thing. You can actually feel the low notes and the highs are sweet and airy without that metallic "tizz" that I've always heard (and kind of gotten accustomed to) with pretty much every condenser I own.

    Although I've tried the A440 through all of my preamps (Avalon 2022, LA-610, ISA428), at the moment I'm liking it most through my Grace 101. It's not the ribbon version though, so I'm sure I'm not getting the impedance levels I probably should be using for a ribbon mic. Still, it's a great combination to my ears.