AEA R44C Ribbon Microphone


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The AEA R44C Ribbon Microphone is truly a modern Classic. The R44C is a museum-grade, authentic ribbon mic with classic sound and appearance!

The AEA R44C has the authentic sound, feel and look of the 1936-38 RCA-44. A museum quality replica hand made by AEA using 1.8 micron ribbon material originally manufactured by RCA. Museum grade version features details such as a bronze investment cast yoke rather than the factory zinc yoke. The ribbon element is only 1.8 microns thick, fabricated from material originally manufactured for RCA. The black and chrome "radio" finish is standard. Parts are interchangeable with the original RCA 44B and BX. R44C parts are also interchangeable with the original RCA 44B and BX. The microphone package includes a three meter cloth covered Accusound Silver Studio Pro cable, a zippered canvas bag, and AEA 44VC vertical case for proper shipping and storage.

The AEA R44C is truly a modern Classic. Its exterior speaks for itself. Close inspection reveals a design based on the technology that made the original RCA ribbon mics classics, and use of as many of the original type materials as possible. Painstaking research by ribbon mic specialists has gone into making the AEA R44C sound as good as it looks. Bi-Directional Ribbon Microphone Classic sound and appearance. Precision crafted and hand assembled The tradition continues. AEA R44CX version provides substantially more output suitable for dynamic range of digital recordings,film scoring or use with lower gain microphone preamps.

AEA R44C Ribbon Microphone includes

  • Microphone
  • Shock mount/mic stand adapter
  • Hard wired 10-foot starquad mic cable
  • AEA 44VC verticle carrying case

AEA R44C American 1936 Edition Ribbon Microphone Downloads

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