AEA R44CE Ribbon Microphone


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The AEA R44CE Ribbon Microphone, combines the 1930s US sound with British engineering from RCA that reduces the mic's weight and hum sensitivity.

The AEA R44 is the faithful reproduction of the classic RCA 44, both inside and out. For decades, its full rich sound, smooth and forgiving nature, and unique tonal balance have set the standard for what a ribbon mic should sound like. The R44CE is 100% identical to the R44C in terms of sound and internal parts with a more economical finish. Black transformer case with white emblem logo and one-piece cushion mount, satin nickel grill and formed steel yoke with a satin nickel finish. The R44CE comes with a hard-wired three meter star-quad XLR output cable and AEA 44VC vertical carrying case for proper shipping and storage.

AEA R44CE Ribbon Microphone Features

  • The R44CE features the exact same iconic sound as AEA's expensive R44C version, but with a more cost-effective finish
  • Sounds great on: vocals, horns, strings, cello, upright bass, room pickup, drums
  • Custom AEA Transformer
  • New-old stock (NOS) RCA ribbon material
  • Large Ribbon Geometry (LRG), 2.35" by 0.185" by 1.8 micron pure aluminum low-tension ribbon
  • Consistent figure-of-8 polar response
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz to 15 kHz
  • Includes custom storage/shipping case, stand adapter, manual and attached 10-foot microphone cable

AEA R44CE Ribbon Microphone Specifications

  • Operating Principle: Velocity microphone
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 15 kHz
  • Maximum SPL: 165+ dBSPL above 1 kHz for 1% third harmonic
  • Output Sensitivity: 2.25 mV/Pa (-53 dBV)
  • Output Impedance: 270 Ω nominal
  • Recommended Load: 1.2 kΩ or greater
  • Powering: Not required or recommended
  • Polarity: Pin 2 high for positive pressure on front of microphone.
  • Connector: XLR-3M wired to a 3 m captive cable
  • Weight: 7 pounds, 9 ounces in storage case with cable
  • Length: 12.25, Width: 4.62, Depth: 3.25

AEA R44CE Ribbon Microphone Includes

  • R44CE Ribbon Microphone
  • Custom storage / shipping case
  • Stand adapter
  • Manual

AEA R44CE Ribbon Microphone Downloads

What We Think

"The AEA R44CE Ribbon Microphone is an absolute killer deal if you're after the hefty sound of the R44 without the additional $1200 heft of the price-tag for the historically accurate "bling" casing and grille of the AEA R44C. The R44CE is one of AEA's best-selling microphones and for good reason. The differing case and grille design than that of the even more economical R84, lends a bit more of a distinctive punch in the R44CE. So, the CE occupies that much needed middle ground for the engineer after the accurate sound of the R44C for whom the bling-factor doesn't matter so much. Regardless of whichever AEA large-ribbon geometry microphones you go with, you have serious tools for the discriminating recording engineer. There's no substitute for microphone technique. And when you get to know your AEA tool-set, your recordings will be leagues better than before."

- Front End Audio


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