When you purchase an AEA microphone, you connect with the proud history and exciting future of the world's finest ribbon mics. At the heart of all AEA products is a promise to deliver creative tools of the highest quality and craftsmanship possible, a promise inherited from AEA's predecessor, RCA. The folks at AEA set out to craft ribbon microphones that authentically capture the sound that resonates most with the modern musician and engineer, an honest sound. Made from the highest quality components in America, AEA ribbon microphones and preamps meets the diverse needs of artists in virtually any studio and live sound environment. Front End Audio is PROUD to be a dealer of what we consider to some of the finest Ribbon Microphones made!





When it comes to capturing the purest, most detailed sound in your recordings, choosing the right microphone and preamp combination is essential. That's where AEA Ribbon Microphones coupled with AEA Preamps come into play. Known for their exceptional quality and attention to detail, these highly-regarded products have become the go-to choice for many professionals in the audio industry. One of AEA's standout preamps is the RPQ3. With its high-gain JFET design and custom-wound transformers, this preamp offers a wide range of tonal options while maintaining clarity and transparency. Whether you're recording vocals, acoustic instruments, or even drums, the RPQ3 brings out all the nuances and subtleties that make your sound truly shine. For those who prefer 500-Series modules, AEA has developed the RPQ500 and TRP500 preamps. These compact yet powerful modules offer all the same features as their rack-mounted counterparts but in a more portable format. Perfect for studio owners or artists on-the-go, these preamps deliver AEA's renowned sound quality without compromise.


One of the most beloved and highly regarded microphone brands in the industry, AEA Ribbon Microphones consistently proves to be the top choice for audio engineers. With a range of exceptional models such as the R84, A440, R44, KU4, N22, R88 MK2 and R92, AEA offers an unparalleled level of quality and versatility. What sets AEA Ribbon Microphones apart is their ability to capture sound with pristine detail and authenticity. The delicate ribbon element inside each microphone allows for a remarkably smooth and natural audio reproduction. Whether it’s capturing vocals or instruments, AEA ribbons deliver a warmth and richness that can take any recording to new heights. Moreover, these microphones offer unmatched versatility in various recording environments. Whether you’re in a professional studio or a home setup, AEA ribbon microphones adapt effortlessly to different acoustic spaces while maintaining consistent sonic excellence. Additionally, they are incredibly durable tools that can withstand high sound pressure levels without compromising on performance. So, if you’re an audio engineer looking for top-of-the-line microphone solutions that deliver exceptional sound quality across different applications, look no further than AEA Ribbon Microphones!