AEA N22 & RPQ2 Stereo Package


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The AEA N22 & RPQ2 Stereo Package delivers a MATCHED PAIR of AEA N22 Microphones together with the AEA RPQ2 Preamp and a pair of Mogami Gold Cables. This bundle puts the professional sound of this active ribbon microphone toolkit in your hands (and ears) that is perfect for sublimely capturing instruments, and more.

AEA NUVO N22 Active Ribbon Microphone
The AEA N22 was designed with the singer-songwriter musician in mind. Hard working artists, honing their musical craft for many years, feel strongly about their personal tone, so they need a microphone that translates their signature sound in a recording. Whether you are a musician, home studio owner, or experienced producer/engineer, you will find that the N22 provides a great ribbon tone without the need for EQ in most applications. Most importantly, the N22 was designed by listening first, and measuring only after experienced musicians told us the microphone sounded great. Bridging the gap between vintage and modern, ribbon and condenser, studio and live, the N22 is the perfect companion for musicians and engineers alike.

AEA RPQ2 2-Channel Ribbon Microphone Preamplifier
Specifically designed for ribbon microphones, the RPQ2 excels at drawing out the warmth and lush sound ribbons are uniquely known for. With 81dB of sweet JFET gain, the RPQ2 delivers the quietness, and headroom needed for today's high-resolution recordings. With phantom power disengaged, the NoLoad™ input impedance at 63K Ohms means the RPQ2 won't load down a mic and change its sound. The RPQ2's CurveShaper™ EQ gives you the tools to control your ribbons right at the start of the signal path. Switchable and tunable low and high-frequency controls allow you to tame proximity and provide HF extension. The RPQ2 also includes front panel Direct Inputs, Mic/Line switches for balanced line inputs and outputs, as well as inserts for patching compressors or other effects between the preamp and CurveShaper™ EQ section. This feature is particularly useful for bypassing the preamp section when you want to use the unit in Line Input mode for post-EQ processing. Engineers have discovered that the RPQ2 also complements their moving coil and condenser microphones, quite nicely. Like AEA's Big Ribbons, they designed the RPQ2 to have a natural and musical tonality.

AEA N22 & RPQ2 Stereo Package Features

  • AEA N22:
    • Designed with singer-songwriters, musicians, and home studios in mind
    • Top end clarity of a condenser with a ribbon's smoothness
    • Custom German toroidal transformer for 12dB more gain
    • Highly protected ribbon for close-up use and live use with minimal proximity effect
    • Phantom powered electronics for optimal performance with any preamp
  • AEA RPQ2:
    • Two channels with 81dB of sweet and quiet JFET gain
    • NoLoad™ 63k ohm high-impedance circuitry providing better overall transients, frequency response, and higher output sensitivity
    • High-resolution, high-impedance front-panel 1/4" DIs
    • Mic/Line mode with Post-Mic and Pre-EQ Inserts for alternative and convenient routing options

AEA N22 & RPQ2 Stereo Package Includes

  • 2 x AEA N22 Microphones
  • 1 x AEA Stereo Matching
  • 1 x AEA RPQ2 Preamp
  • 2 x Mogami Gold Microphone Cables

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