Weight Tank WT-COMP Compressor

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Weight Tank WT-COMP
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Weight Tank WT-COMP Compressor

The Weight Tank WT-COMP Compressor adds weight, harmonics and character to your studio!

The Weight Tank Compressor will put a stamp on any material run through its circuitry. The smooth and euphonic sound of soft-knee vari-mu compression paired with thick, distinct and colorful harmonic saturation makes the Weight Tank Compressor very unique. Unlike its cousin, the Locomotive Audio 14B, which buffs your sound to a glossy sheen, the Weight Tank Compressor offers darker tones while adding huge vintage heft to your audio.

Weight Tank WT-COMP Compressor Features

  • TRANSFORMERS: Three all-steel transformers deliver big, thick, colored results
  • TUBE CIRCUITRY: Audio passes through two vacuum tubes for smooth warmth
  • CUSTOM METERING: Backlit meter displays gain reduction accurately
  • ATTACK & RELEASE: Variable attack & release timing allows for great flexibility
  • ROUND | DRIVE: When run in “Round” mode, a smooth, sweet and pure tone will result. If switched to “Drive” mode, an enhanced harmonic structure and overall driven tone will result.

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