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The Daking COMP II Stereo Compressor is a handmade compressor designed to be easy to use and sound like much more expensive compressors and limiters.

Built right here in the USA, it offers better sounding compression on all kinds of sources in the studio. Whether in the hands of a highly experienced engineer who needs fast workflow, or a novice who is not sure how to best set up a compressor, the COMP II gives professional results without a big learning curve. With big old-style analog meters and a simple setup, the COMP II is easy to understand and easy to use. Designed carefully by Geoff Daking and Dave Thibodeau to behave well on a variety of real in-studio applications, it may challenge your notions of how good a two-knob compressor can be.

The two channel, electronically balanced COMP II, can operate in dual mono or stereo linked mode for a beautiful stereo image. In dual mono it acts like two independent mono compressors for use on two different – perhaps unrelated – sources. There is no master channel in stereo mode. Each channel retains its independent control.

Daking COMP II Stereo Compressor Features

  • Differential input and output amps
  • Class A amplifier for make-up gain
  • All metal construction with stainless steel chassis for noise immunity
  • Custom aluminum knobs
  • Power supply included
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz - 65 kHz
  • THD at +4 dBu input and no compression at 1 kHz: Typical 0.02%, Max 0.035% (22 - 22 kHz, unweighted)
  • THD at +4dBu input and 2 dB of compression at 1 kHz: Typical 0.02%, Max 0.035% (22- 22 kHz, unweighted)
  • Noise: less than -80 dBu, 22 - 22 kHz

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