Universal Audio 2-610S Tube Preamp

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Universal Audio 2-610S
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Universal Audio 2-610S Tube Preamp

The Universal Audio 2-610S Tube Preamp is a a classic tube preamplifier with all of the character of its vintage predecessor, yet designed for the requirements and rigor of the modern studio.

Designed by Bill Putnam Sr., the UA 610 modular console is arguably the “Holy Grail” of vintage tube desks. Leaving its imprint on countless classic recordings from Ray Charles and Frank Sinatra, to iconic titles like Van Halen and the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds, the 610’s tube-powered mic preamp and EQ gave anything run through it startling three-dimensional warmth, presence, and body. The Universal Audio 2-610S Tube Preamp gives you two channels of this legendary piece of music history. Whether you’re running pure analog or enhancing a digital audio workstation, the 2-610 brings classic tube character to any recording project.

Modern Features — Vintage Tone
The 2-610 Dual Channel Tube Preamplifier builds on the foundation of the classic Putnam console by adding enhanced, user-requested features as well as a more modern workflow. Offering features such as extended top-end response and a -15 dB pad — as well as circuit tweaks for improved stability — the 2-610 preamp is perfect for any source and genre.

Universal Audio 2-610S Tube Preamp Features

  • Classic sound of legendary 610 modular console
  • Mic, line, and hi-Z inputs
  • Variable input gain and output levels
  • -15dB pad, phase reverse, and two bands of shelving EQ
  • Multiple impedance settings
  • Optimized frequency response as requested by users
  • Updated silver-face cosmetics and enhanced build quality
  • Custom wound double sized alloy transformers
  • Ultra-quiet operation

Universal Audio 2-610S Tube Preamp Specifications

  • Microphone Input Impedance: Selectable, 500Ω or 2kΩ
  • Balanced Line Input Impedance: 13.8 kΩ
  • Hi-Z Input Impedance: Selectable between 2.2 MΩ or 47 kΩ
  • Maximum Microphone Input Level: +3.5dBu
  • Maximum Output Level: +20dBm
  • Internal Output Impedance: 60 ohms
  • Recommended Minimum Load: 600 ohms
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz ±1 dB
  • Max Gain: 61 dB
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: Greater than 82 dB
  • Tube Complement: (1) 12AX7A and (1) 12AT7 per channel
  • Power Requirements: 115/230 volts

What We Think

The Universal Audio 610 preamp is the quintessential tube-mic pre. Some of the most sonically influential and interesting recordings ever made were crafted through Universal Audio consoles packed to the gills with 610 preamps; Pet Sounds, anyone? The famed 'green Wally Heider board' that is mentioned throughout Neil Young's biography "Shakey" is in fact, a 610 equipped Universal Audio console. Sonically, the 610 has is thick without being in your face. It's BIG without being 'too big'. But most of all, it is extremely musical without having too much character for most folks. It's the perfect preamp to help feature a vocal, acoustic guitar, or nearly anything that needs to exhibit a truly inspiring and very dimensional sound, front to back. The high and low shelving equalizer is really a big bonus. Is the sound of a mic good but just a little too bright? Just cut the highs a touch. The eq is not designed for surgery, but it sure does help to shape the inital sound. It is just a really musical 'essential' equalizer. Do you need the boost to start a little Plug a bass into it and dig the really round body this preamp imparts on the sound. It doesn't have the most headroom in the world, but it doesn't have to. The 610 is the only pre that sounds like it does and once you have one, you'll wish you had a rack full of them.

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