Studio Technologies Model 76DB/77B Surround Monitoring System

Studio Technologies

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5.1 Surround Monitoring System with Digital I/O and Optimized for Broadcast

Studio Technologies Model 76DB/77B Surround Monitoring System Details
5.1 Surround Monitoring System with Digital I/O and Optimized for Broadcast

The all-digital StudioComm 76DB/77B Surround Monitoring System with digital inputs and outputs enables simple and effective monitoring of 5.1 surround and stereo audio material. Comprised of a Model 76DB Central Controller and a Model 77B Control Console, this system is especially well suited for broadcast master control and post-production applications with digital-input loudspeakers.


  • Digital audio inputs
  • Digital audio outputs
  • Flexible input source selection
  • Downmix
  • Dolby E dialnorm support
  • Level adjustment, reference level, and dim
  • Auxiliary monitor output (2-channel)

Model 76DB Central Controller

The Model 76DB Central Controller is rack mountable and offers two surround (5.1) and three stereo (2-channel) digital inputs that are compatible with AES3id sources. Sample rates of up to 192 kHz and bit depth of up to 24 are directly supported. Exceptional dynamic range and extremely low distortion ensure that the audio quality of each source is maintained. Sample rate conversion (SRC) is available on one input (stereo input C).

The Model 76DB Central Controller provides 16 digital output channels with transformer-coupled outputs and selectable impedance (75 or 110 ohms):

  • Pre-fade surround (5.1)
  • Post-fade surround (5.1)
  • Auxiliary pre-on/off stereo (2-channel)
  • Auxiliary stereo (2-channel)

The Model 76DB's sync input allows support for video (bi-level and tri-level), word clock, DARS, and AES3id. There is also an auxiliary stereo (2-channel) output for special applications such as monitoring site-event cue signals. In addition, up to 340 milliseconds of digital delay can be selected to compensate for processing delays in an associated video path.

Model 77B and Model 71 Control Consoles

The Model 77B Control Console is the "command center." Designed to reside at an operator's location, it allows fingertip selection of all monitoring functions. Numerous LED indicators provide complete status information. Up to six unique input choices are available. Each of the choices can be configured from the system's two surround (5.1) and three stereo (2-channel) inputs. The configuration mode also allows stereo inputs A and B to be used as either stereo or dual monaural sources. This can be especially useful in broadcast applications where a 2-channel AES3id source may carry two independent monaural signals.

A large, easy-to-use rotary digital encoder provides control of the surround monitor output level in precise 0.5-dB steps. A 4-digit numeric display indicates the monitor output or dialnorm level in real time. The monitor output level can be adjusted via the rotary level control, the reference level function, or by way of the dialnorm information included in Dolby E metadata (refer to "Dialnorm Support").

The Model 71 Control Console works with the Model 77B to provide additional user locations with the most frequently desired functions: level adjustment, reference level, and dim. One Model 76DB Central Controller can support a combination of up to four Model 77B or Model 71 Control Consoles.

Dialnorm Support

The dialog normalization "dialnorm" value is an integral part of many broadcast distribution systems and represents the average dialog level of an associated audio program, ending up as part of consumer audio playback systems. The dialnorm level value is a component of the Dolby E metadata, and when de-embedded, can be "read" by the Model 76DB Central Controller and displayed on the 77B Control Console. By automatically adjusting the surround monitor output level in response to the dialnorm value, a professional broadcast or post-production environment can more accurately simulate the end user's experience.