Studio Technologies Model 22 IFB Plus Series Access Station

Studio Technologies

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Studio Technologies Model 22 Access Station

Product picture is shown with the Optional Model 25A rack kit and Model 11a gooseneck microphone.

The Studio Technologies Model 22 Access Station works in conjunction with a Studio Technologies' Model 2 Central Controller to provide a 2-channel IFB origination ("talk") location. Two push button switches allow direct access to each of the IFB channels. The switches are backlit for visibility in locations with low ambient light conditions. Each switch also provides a "tally" indication, lighting brightly when their associated IFB channel is active. The carefully optimized circuitry is capable of providing "high-fidelity" IFB audio performance. This is unique in the often-ignored yet critical talent cueing function. Model 22s are typically installed at positions convenient to producers, directors, or other personnel who need to cue on-air talent. Up to four Model 22 units can be connected to, and powered by, a Model 2 Central Controller.

The Model 22 consists of a metal chassis containing two lighted push button switches, microphone and line inputs, and supporting audio, status, and control circuitry. An external interrupt audio source is required. This can be in the form of a microphone or line-level signal. A microphone input is provided for connection to an electret gooseneck microphone. The Model 11A Gooseneck Microphone, an option available from Studio Technologies, is directly compatible. The transformer-coupled line input allows various pieces of communications equipment to serve as the interrupt audio source. This can be used to interface with intercom systems from companies such as RTS® and Clear-Com®, typically utilizing their "hot mic out" signals. A configuration switch allows Model 22 interrupt activity to mute the monitor amplifier output on the associated Model 2 Central Controller.

The optional Studio Technologies Model 25A Rack Mounting Adapter allows the Model 22 to be mounted in one space of a standard 19-inch rack enclosure (as shown). Alternately, the Model 22 can be flush mounted in an opening provided in a custom-fabricated enclosure or cabinet surface. The Model 22 interfaces with the Model 2 Central Controller using a 9-conductor interface cable. Power for the Model 22 is provided by the connected Model 2 Central Controller.

Studio Technologies IFB Plus Series Model 22 Access Station Specifications

  • Application: provides 2-channel interrupt (talk) location for IFB system based on a Model 2 Central Controller unit. Up to four Model 22 units can be connected to a Model 2 Central Controller.
  • Interrupt Switches: 2
    • Functions: IFB 1-2
    • Type: momentary pushbutton, EAO 99-series, all backlit, tally indication for IFB 1-2 functions
  • Microphone Input:
    • Compatibility: 2-wire electret, designed for use with Studio Technologies' Model 11A Gooseneck Microphone (purchased separately)
    • Connector: three terminals on a screw terminal strip
  • Line Input:
    • Type: transformer coupled, compatible with balanced or unbalanced audio signals
    • Input Impedance: 40 k ohms, nominal
    • Input Level: â?"15 to +10 dBu, adjustable using trim potentiometer
    • Connector: two terminals on a screw terminal strip
  • Monitor Muting: switch selectable, allows Model 22 interrupt activity to mute monitor amplifier output on Model 2 Central Controller
  • Power Requirements: +18 volts DC, 50 milliamperes, nominal, provided by the connected Model 2 Central Controller
  • Interconnections: two 9-pin female D-subminiature connectors; one links the Model 22 with a Model 2 Central Controller, the second provides a "loop-through" function
  • Mounting: rack mounted using Model 25A 19-inch Rack Adapter (purchased separately); can also be flush mounted in custom-fabricated rectangular opening in enclosure or work surface
  • Dimensions (Overall):
    • 6.4 inches wide (16.3 cm)
    • 1.6 inches high (4.1 cm)
    • 5.2 inches deep (13.2 cm)
  • Weight: 0.8 pounds (0.35 kg)

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