Studio Technologies Model 220 Announcer's Console

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Product Code: 9999-06382
Studio Technologies Model 220
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Studio Technologies Model 220 Announcer's Console

The Studio Technologies Model 220 Announcer's Console designed to serve as the audio control "hub" for announcers, commentators, and production talent.

The tabletop unit is suited for numerous applications including on-air sports broadcasting. Studio Technologies Model 220 Announcer's Console is compatible with essentially all broadcast and audio system environments. Standard connectors are used to interface microphone, headphone, on-air, talkback, and IFB signals. Whether it's microphone switching, talkback output, or headphone cue feed, superior audio quality is maintained throughout. A microprocessor provides Studio Technologies Model 220's logic power, allowing exacting control of the unit's operation. With extensive flexibility built in, creating the desired operating configuration is a simple matter. While the operating features of the unit can be extensively configured, the user is presented with an easy-to-use set of controls and indicators. Power on the inside, simplicity during use - that's the hallmark of Studio Technologies Model 220 Announcer's Console.

A truly next-generation product, extensive research into the needs and desires of field production personnel was integral to Studio Technologies Model 220 Announcer's Console's creation. While primarily targeted for on-air television applications, specialized features are included to allow Studio Technologies Model 220 Announcer's Console to be used in a variety of other audio applications. These include on-air radio broadcasting, stadium announcement, and voice-over/narration booths.

Studio Technologies Model 220 Announcer's Console Features

  • Microphone preamp with selectable gain and 48 volt phantom power
  • Two Line-level inputs
  • Broadcast IFB input
  • Three pushbutton switches offer programmable "click-free" audio path control
  • Transformer-balanced main output
  • Two Line-level talkback outputs
  • Stereo headphone monitoring of selectable sources
  • Two rotary headphone output level controls
  • Microcontroller-directed audio routing
  • Auxiliary relay contact
  • Powered by IFB or external DC source
  • All configuration switches and trim potentiometers accessible via the bottom of enclosure

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