Studio Technologies Model 46A Interface

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Studio Technologies Model 46
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Studio Technologies Model 46A Interface

The Studio Technologies Model 46A Interface is designed to interface 2-wire full-duplex party-line (PL) intercom circuits with 4-wire audio circuits associated with matrix intercom systems.

The Studio Technologies Model 46A Interface's 2-wire interfaces are optimized for direct connection with 2-channel party-line intercom circuits. In addition, single-channel party-line intercom circuits can also be connected. Many broadcast applications use the 2-channel TW-Series from RTS®, including their popular BP325 beltpack. Other industry-standard single- and 2-channel PL intercom systems, including those from Clear-Com®, are also directly compatible. To provide optimal signal matching and interface performance the nominal level of the Model 46A's 2-wire interfaces can be selected. Using DIP switches, accessible on the front panel, the nominal levels can be selected to be either –10 or –14 dBu, settings that should allow compatibility with virtually all party-line systems. For example, for applications that use equipment from RTS the –10 dBu setting is appropriate. For other equipment, such as that from Clear-Com, the –14 setting is correct.

The Model 46A's 2-wire interfaces can correctly function with powered ("wet") or unpowered ("dry") intercom circuits. Powered circuits have a DC voltage present, typically provided by power supplies such as the RTS PS31 or Clear-Com PS-232. This DC power, normally 30-32 V, provides energy for connected devices such as user stations or beltpacks. In this type of application the Model 46A is configured to operate in its external 2-wire power source mode. In this mode the Model 46A's circuitry maintains the required high-impedance load and, as in all cases, draws no power from the party-line circuit. An auto-terminate function ensures that should a "wet" circuit not be connected, the Model 46A's interface circuitry will remain stable. This unique feature makes certain that objectionable audio signals, including oscillations and "squeals," will infrequently be sent to the connected 4-wire device.

Studio Technologies Model 46A Interface Features

  • Two 2-channel party-line intercom interfaces
  • Four analog hybrids with auto null capability
  • Input and output level metering
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Integrated intercom power sources
  • Standard audio connectors
  • Transformer-coupled 4-wire inputs and outputs
  • Universal input mains powered

Studio Technologies Model 46A Interface Specifications

  • Frequency Response: ±2 dB 100 Hz to 8 kHz
  • Distortion (THD+N): <0.5%, measured at 1 kHz, 4-wire input to 2-wire interface pin 2
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >55 dB, measured at 1 kHz, 4-wire input to 2-wire interface pin 2
  • Inputs from 4-Wire: 3-pin female XLR
  • Outputs to 4-Wire: 3-pin male XLR
  • 2-Wire Party-Line Intercom: 3-pin male XLR
  • Remote Control: 10-pin header, requires optional 10-pin ribbon connector assembly
  • AC Mains: 3-blade, IEC 320 C14 (mates with IEC 320 C13)

Studio Technologies Model 46A Interface Includes

  • Model 46A Interface
  • Power Cable
  • Manual
  • Three Year Warranty

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