Studio Technologies Model 76DA/77 Surround Monitoring System

Studio Technologies

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Studio Technologies StudioComm 76DA/77 Digital and Analog 5.1 Surround Monitoring System enables simple and effective monitoring of 5.1 surround and stereo audio material. Comprised of a Model 76DA Central Controller and a Model 77 Control Console, this system is ideal for recording, post production, and broadcasting applications with digital-input loudspeakers.

A StudioComm for Surround system starts with the Model 77 Control Console. It's the system's "command center" and is designed to reside at an operator's location, allowing fingertip selection of all monitoring functions. Numerous LED indicators provide complete status information. A 4-digit numeric display indicates the post-fader monitor output level in real time. A major strength of the Model 77 is its ability to configure, under software control, many important operating parameters. Intended for secondary monitoring locations, the Model 71 Control Console is a compact user control surface. It provides three of the most basic functions: a rotary level control, dim on/off button, and reference level on/off button.

Studio Technologies Model 76DA/77 Surround Monitoring System Features

  • Digital audio inputs
  • Digital and analog monitor outputs
  • Bass management capability
  • Configurable downmix
  • Channel mute/solo
  • Level adjustment, reference level, and dim
  • A new software release adds enhanced capabilities to the StudioComm 76DA/77 system. To support a broader range of loudspeaker systems an advanced set of bass management resources has been added. The bass management function redirects low-frequency energy from the main channels, combines it with the LFE content, then routes the sum to the subwoofer output. The downmix capability of the 76DA/77 has also been enhanced with the addition of configurable level coefficients.

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