Studio Technologies Model 74/75 Surround Monitoring System

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Studio Technologies Model 74/75
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Studio Technologies Model 74/75 Surround Monitoring System

The StudioComm 74/75 Surround Monitoring System provides 5.1 surround and stereo source monitoring capabilities, along with a full-featured headphone talkback cue system. The system is a perfect fit for contemporary facilities that need to perform a variety of audio tasks. These can include surround and stereo mixing and monitoring, live recording of voice, music, and sound effects, and on-air broadcast applications. The system's features were carefully selected to provide extensive capabilities while remaining simple to operate. Of overriding concern is maintaining the quality of the connected audio sources. This is accomplished using a combination of excellent circuit design and carefully selected components. The StudioComm 74/75 Surround Monitoring System is ideal for adding surround monitoring capability to disk-based recording systems. It's also well suited for upgrading a post-production or broadcast facility to support multi-channel monitoring.

The StudioComm 74/75 Surround Monitoring System begins with the Model 75 Control Console, a compact user control surface that is intuitive and comfortable to use. It is designed to reside at the operator's location. The Model 75 connects to the Model 74 Central Controller using a single 9-pin cable. Occupying one rack space, the Model 74 provides all audio input and output circuitry, signal routing and control, and power supply functions. To complete the system up to four Model 35 Talent Amplifier modules can be added. These connect to the Model 74 using standard 3-pin XLR-type audio cables. Model 35 units are typically deployed in voice-over booths, studio areas, or other locations where voice or music talent needs access to a headphone cue feed. Each unit provides a stereo audio amplifier, user controls, and support for one or two pairs of headphones.

Model 74 Central Controller
The Model 74 Central Controller is a single rack-space unit that contains analog, digital, and power supply electronics. Four analog sources can be connected: two surround (5.1) and two stereo. In many applications the first surround input, Surround A, will be connected to a multi-channel output on an audio console or digital audio workstation. The second surround input, Surround B, will be connected to a playback device, such as a multitrack tape recorder or disk storage system. For film or video post applications Surround A would be considered the direct source, while Surround B would be considered the playback source.

Model 75 Control Console
The Model 75 Control Console is a compact, self-contained unit designed to be located at the operator's position. It allows fingertip control of all monitoring and talkback parameters. Numerous LED indicators provide complete status information. A major strength of the Model 75 is its ability to configure, under software control, many of the operating parameters. All configuration parameters are stored in nonvolatile memory. The Model 75 Control Console connects to, and is powered by, the Model 74 Central Controller. The Model 75 generates MIDI system-exclusive messages to control the Model 74. Remote-control signals connected to the Model 74 Central Controller are routed to the Model 75 via pins in the 9-pin interconnecting cable.

Model 35 Talent Amplifier
In most cases Model 35 Talent Amplifier modules will serve as the user's headphone control center. Each Model 35 contains amplifier circuitry, stereo level control, mono switch, and two output jacks. For convenience, a microphone mounting stand adapter is included with each Model 35. In addition to the talent amplifier output, the Model 74 also provides a stereo line-level cue output. This allows interfacing with other headphone cue systems or could connect to a transmission system associated with a remotely located studio or control room. The line-level cue output can also serve as a source of slate audio for workstations.




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