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The SoundToys FilterFreak Plug-In delivers analog sweeps, pounding filter rhythms, big hardware sound with a dual version for double the analog attitude.

SoundToys FilterFreak was designed to be an infinitely customizable resonant filter plug-in bringing together the sounds of classic filter hardware with added controls and flexibility. Since its initial release in 2004, FilterFreak has become a go-to tool for producers and musicians when they need the fat analog sound of classic filters in their productions. From the sound of funky envelope followers such as the Mutron III, to the undulation of the Morley WahWah, or creating Sci-Fi sample-and-hold effects, FilterFreak is capable of all the classic sound-shaping you can think of. FilterFreak can create the huge resonant LFO sweeps of hardware such as the Sherman FilterBank, and can be tweaked synth-style with ASDR controls.

But FilterFreak goes beyond what can be accomplished in the world of hardware with an added Rhythm Mode allowing custom patterns (interchangeable with other Soundtoys plug-ins) to be created and locked to MIDI information. You can create auto-wah patterns or adjust the swing/shuffle feel using the Groove control. FilterFreak's Analog Styles give you control over the saturation qualities of the filter types. Drive your signal hard in any of the style types and you will hear the same classic saturation of analog circuitry. FilterFreak was designed from the very beginning to take resonant filter sound alteration to a whole new level.

FilterFreak's installation also includes FilterFreak2, a twin plug-in with not one but TWO independent filters, which can be run in either serial or parallel. Each filter contains a wealth of easily accessible and highly tweak-able parameters. FilterFreak allows you to fully unlock your creativity; it not only sounds and responds like classic analog hardware, but also opens up a new world of control and customization.

SoundToys FilterFreak Plug-In Features

  • Capture the sound of classic resonant filters, with extended control and flexibility
  • Funk up guitar, fatten bass, reshape drums, sweep synths and freak out vocals
  • Choose from one filter, or two that can be used in series or parallel
  • Select highpass, lowpass, bandpass and band reject modes with 2 to 8 poles
  • Add synth-like resonant sweeps or classic wah-wah tones to your tracks
  • Create funky auto-wah, envelope follower and sample-and-hold effects
  • Grunge things up with 7 different analog saturation styles
  • Construct intricate rhythmic filter sequences with the Rhythm Editor
  • Design your own LFO shapes with the Shape Editor

SoundToys FilterFreak Plug-In Specifications

  • All version 5.0.4 Soundtoys products come with 32-bit and 64-bit VST, AU, and AAX Native plug-in formats.
  • Here is a list of all of the DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) that are officially supported:
    • Pro Tools
    • Live
    • Cubase / Nuendo
    • Sonar
    • Logic
    • Digital Performer
    • *If your DAW is not on this list, it doesn't necessarily mean that SoundToys plug-ins won't work... It just means that it has not been tested. If something goes wrong with an unsupported DAW, SoundToys welcomes to write into support, but they cannot guarantee a solution.
  • Supported sample rates:
    • Minimum: 44.1 kHz, Maximum: 192 kHz
  • System requirements:
    • Operating system:
      • Mac OS X 10.8 or later
      • Windows 7 or later
    • An internet connection is required at the time of activation.
  • Other requirements:
    • account (An iLok USB dongle is not required)

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