Rode NT5 Microphones (Matched Pair)


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The Rode NT5 Microphones are an acoustically matched pair of Rode's premier small diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone NT5, sometimes referred to as a 'pencil mic'. This compact externally polarized matched pair is intended for recording acoustic instruments, drum overheads, cymbals and live performances.

The Rode NT5 Microphone employs a 1/2" capsule, an active J-FET impedance converter with bipolar output buffer.The Rode NT5's tight cardioid pickup pattern also makes it ideal for use as an indoor dialogue microphone for filmmaking on a mic stand or boom. Expanding the Rode NT5's versatility, an interchangeable omnidirectional capsule (NT45-O) is available. Finished in durable satin nickel, the Rode NT5 available as a single microphone or as an acoustically matched pair.

Rode NT5 Microphones Features

  • Externally biased condenser
  • Gold sputtered 1/2” capsule
  • Heavy-duty satin-nickel plated body
  • Dual power operation
  • Surface mount circuitry
  • Low noise
  • Full frequency response

Rode NT5 Microphones Specifications

  • Acoustic Principle: Pressure Gradient
  • Active Electronics: JFET impedance converter with bipolar output buffer
  • Capsule: 0.50"
  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
  • Address Type: End
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Output Impedance: 100O
  • Maximum SPL: 143dB SPL (@ 1kHz, 1% THD into 1KO load)
  • Maximum Output Level:13.9dBu (@ 1kHz, 1% THD into 1KO load)
  • Sensitivity: -38.0dB re 1 Volt/Pascal (12.00mV @ 94 dB SPL) +/- 2 dB @ 1kHz
  • Equivalent Noise Level (A-weighted): 16dB-A
  • Power Options: +24V phantom power+48V phantom power
  • Weight: 101.00gm
  • Dimensions: 118.00mmH x 20.00mmW x 20.00mmD
  • Output: XLR Output

Rode NT5 Microphones Includes

  • Matched Pair of Rode NT5 Microphones
  • 2 x RM5 - Durable Microphone Clip
  • RC5 - Rugged Microphone Case
  • 2 x WS5 - Pop Filter/Wind Shield
  • 1 Year Warranty (free 10 year extension following registeration of your microphone)

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  • 5
    A Match Made in Heaven

    Rode make great mics (OK, I'm a parochial Aussie) and these are no exception. Fantastic as overheads, on hi-hats and on acoustic instruments... clarity, body and finesse! As a matched pair they challenge the so-called top-shelf mics! Highly recommended

  • 4
    Great for Drum Overheads
    Evan Phillips

    Love these on drum overheads. Clear sounds. Also great on Piano.

  • 4
    good mid price SDC
    Daniel Infield

    The Rode NT5 is a good quality small diaphragm mic for multiple applications. I actually find them (and most of the Rode line) to be on the darker side and not super detailed in the transients (though some other reviews might disagree?). This adversely affects them on drum overheads IMO relative to some of the higher end reference SDC's out there, but on the other hand for normally transient-heavy instruments that need to find a "place" in a mix (strings, rhythm guitar), that they do just fine. The optional omni capsules increase their musicality on some sources, too.

  • 5
    Home Studio Gear
    JOHN D

    This matched pair of microphones arrived in a hard black plastic case with a soft foam insert which immediately allayed any concerns about shipping such delicate items. My first purchase of any mike so whilst I make no claims on expertise, I know what I hear and they sound great. Perfect match for my Apogee Duet and Rokit 5's.

  • 5
    detailed pair of small diaphragm condensers
    Thomas Szy

    I've owned the NT5's for about 3 years. They yield a detailed and bright sound, not harsh, just bright. I use them primarily on drum overheads, which is where i think they shine, as i prefer a brighter sounding mic with good stereo imaging for cymbals, transients, etc. They also work well in a stereo pair for acoustic guitar, and anything else that would typically be suited for a SDC. For just over $400 it's hard to find a better pair of SDC's. Thanks Rode.

  • 5
    Great Microphones, also for LIVE apps
    yuval cohen

    I have used these NT-5s for numerous applications, including piano, percussion, classical guitar, drums overhead and live for choir. They always sound great and never harsh. I own Earthworks as well, which are super-accurate, yet the NT-5 often work better in a mix. Only thing to watch for is the bump around 10K which may be EQed down a notch. These have been super-useful and worth every penny of their price!

  • 5
    This is it
    Gabriel Grieser

    Don't be fooled into buying a similarly-priced SDC pair with bells and whistles like shockmounts and omni capsules. This no-nonsense, Australian-made pair, which comes in a no-nonsense plastic flight case with stand clips, delivers excellent, no-nonsense sound. In short, these have serial numbers and are backed by a ten year warranty.

  • 5
    NT5 Matched pair

    I'm very pleased with the sound of these matched mic's. It's smooth without sounding like the acoustical edges have been sanded off. I also bought the replacement NT45 replacement capsules so I have the option of omni or cardioid which is very useful. This is a much less expensive way to basically get the much more expensive NT55's. I spoke to the people at Rode and they confirmed that the guts are identical but the 55 has additional bells/whistles. For my purposes the NT5's w/capsules covers 99.9% of what i run into.

  • 5
    You just cant go wrong with these!
    Zach Miller

    I bought these as an upgrade from my old Audix F15s and the difference is outstanding. I use them mainly for drum overheads and you can hear each cymbal beautifully and clearly! A really great thing that separates these mics from others in its price range is that its very versatile. Works great on drums, and possibly even better on acoustic guitar! If you are looking for a terrific pair of mics that you will never have to replace in your lifetime, sound fantastic, and are more than worth their under $500 price tag...look no more!