Radial MC3 Monitor Controller


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The Radial MC3 Monitor Controller is an innovative tool designed to make managing audio signals easy in the studio while adding the convenience of an on-board headphone amplifier. Enabling you to switch between two sets of powered loudspeakers, the MC3 lets you compare how your mix will translate on different monitors which in turn will help deliver more convincing mixes to the audience.

The Radial MC3™ Monitor Controller is a studio tool that enables the engineer to quickly select between reference monitors, subwoofer or headphones and compare how the mix translates via various playback systems. Unique to the Radial MC3 is the ability to quickly sum mono for AM radio compatibility.

And while most monitor switchers are active, the Radial MC3 is 100% passive. This means that unlike active switchers that introduce a buffered electronic circuit in between your recording system and monitors, the Radial MC3 delivers straight wire performance. This eliminates coloration and distortion for more accurate monitoring.

The Radial MC3 features an easy access level control that lets you quickly set playback levels on all speakers. Each output is equipped with a top-mount 'set & forget' dial to fine tune outputs for the ideal balance. The sub is augmented with a 180 degree polarity reverse to help deal with room modes that may cause a frequency bump in the mix position. A separate Dim switch is also adjustable to enable the engineer to temporarily drop the playback level without affecting the mix level settings. To address the ever increasing popularity of ear buds, the Radial MC3 is equipped with a built-in headphone amplifier with stereo 3.5mm (?" TRS) output along with two standard ¼" headphone phone outs to share. The Radial MC3 may be configured for either balanced or unbalanced setups.

Radial MC3 Monitor Controller Features

  • Passive studio monitor switcher with headphone amp
  • Control two sets of monitors and subwoofer
  • Mono sum for AM radio compatibility and phase check
  • Individual 'set & forget' controls to fine tune levels

Radial MC3 Monitor Controller Specifications

  • Radial MC3 Monitor Control:
    • Audio Circuit Type: Passive stereo signal path with active sub & HP
    • Frequency Response: DC ~ 20kHz (+0dB/-1dB)
    • Common Mode Rejection Ratio: -51dB @ 55Hz
    • Dynamic Range: 114dB
    • Noise Floor: Stereo: -108dBu; Sub: -95dBu; Headphone: -87dBu
    • Maximum Input: +14dBu
    • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.001% @ 1kHz/0dBu output
    • Inter-Modulation Distortion: 0.001% @ 1kHz/0dB output
    • Input Impedance: 4.4k Ohms Ohms balanced / 2.2k Ohms unbalanced
    • Output Impedance: Varies with level adjustment
  • Features:
    • TRS Input: Balanced/unbalanced line-level input
    • DIM: Variable attenuation up to -72dB
    • Mute: Mutes all outputs
    • Trim: Level control for DIM, Mon-A, Mon-B and Sub outputs
    • Sub Output: Full-range unbalanced output with phase reverse
  • General:
    • Power: +15VDC/400mA adapter included
    • Construction: 14 gauge steel chassis & outer shell, baked enamel finish
    • Size: 3.3" x 5.0" x 2" (84 x 127 x 48mm)
    • Weight: 1.32lb (600g)
    • Shipping Size: 4.75" x 2.5" x 10.75" ( 121 x 64 x 273mm)
    • Shipping Weight: 3lb (1.3kg)

Radial MC3 Monitor Controller Includes

  • MC3 Monitor Controller
  • User Guide
  • AC/DC Adapter
  • 3 Year Warranty

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    Was it worth the wait? I think so.....
    Damien Rasmussen

    Well it was back-ordered for three months, and I was still excited to check it out. Everything works as designed, but I have a few comments. The Main level control is not calibrated at low levels, and there is slight distortion as the volume is adjusted. The Screw adjustments on the top are not lined up very well. Possibly a rush job. But sonically it does as advertised and I give it 4 out of 5. Nothing is this solid on the market and will come in handy for remote work and at the studio.

What We Think


Do you just assume that the monitor outputs on your interface are giving you a true and accurate picture of what is going on with your audio? It's okay if you do because most folks do just that. However, nothing is more detrimental to your audio productions than a compromised monitoring path. The Radial MC3 gives even the casual home recordist a major leg up toward getting better tracks from the beginning since they'll have a more accurate headphone amp and monitoring stage. Don't take this advice for granted. If you want to hear what you're doing on the front end, then you need to clear up the back end of your system. Give us a shout. We're here to help you make better sounding tracks.

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