SPL Control One Monitoring Controller

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SPL Control One
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SPL Control One Monitoring Controller

The SPL Control One Monitoring Controller offers two line ins, two speaker outs (switchable), with subwoofer out, stereo line out, three modes (mono, stereo, and stereo reverse), as well as a Phonitor Matrix headphone amp, all in a compact desktop format!

With the SPL Control One Monitoring Controller you can listen to your production via two switchable pairs of speakers. A subwoofer is also switched on and off with speaker pair A. In the middle position of the switch, the speakers are switched off, which is convenient because you don’t have to turn the volume control back. Two analog stereo inputs can be connected to the Control One for sources such as a DA converter, CD player, mixing console, synthesizer or analog tape machine/tape deck, which can also be listened to mixed together (1+2).

The output stage of the headphone amplifier is designed as a push-pull amplifier in class AB mode. The bipolar transistors share the amplification of the positive and negative half-waves, which produces a higher gain and a higher output voltage than in Class A operation, where only one transistor amplifies both half-waves. The Phonitor Matrix in its largest expansion stage has three parameters: Crossfeed, Speaker Angle and Center Level. In the Control One, the center level is preset to -1 dB and the speaker angle to 30°. These are the most commonly used values. The crossfeed function determines the so-called interaural level difference. The intensity of the crossfeed is fully variable. At the beginning of the control path the crossfeed circuit is not in the audio path. Dialing the control in switches on the crossfeed circuit via relay (hysteresis circuit). The audio signal therefore does not pass through the crossfeed stage if this is not desired.

SPL Control One Monitoring Controller Features

  • Phonitor Matrix
  • L/R > R/L reverses the stereo image
  • Three Monitoring Modes
  • Line Out
  • Two Stereo Inputs
  • Two Speaker & One Subwoofer outs

SPL Control One Monitoring Controller Specifications

  • Input gain (max.): +22.5 dBu
  • Line Input 1 (balanced)
    • Input impedance: 20 kΩ
    • Common mode rejection: < 60 dB
  • Line Input 2 (unbalanced)
    • Input impedance: 10 kΩ
  • Output gain (max.): Speaker Outputs (600 Ω): +22 dBu
  • Line Output (unbalanced): Output impedance: 75 Ω
  • Speaker Output 1 (balanced):
    • Output impedance: 150 Ω
    • Low filter: none (full range)
  • Speaker Output 2 (unbalanced): Output impedance: 75 Ω
  • Frequency range (-3dB): 10 Hz - 200 kHz
  • Dynamic range: 121 dB
  • Noise (A-weighted, 600 Ω load): -99 dBu
  • Total harmonic distortion (0 dBu, 10 Hz – 22 kHz): 0.002 %
  • Crosstalk (1 kHz): < 75 dB
  • Fade-out attenuation: -93 dB

SPL Control One Monitoring Controller Includes

  • Control One Monitoring Controller
  • Power Cable
  • Manual
  • Warranty Information

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