Radial J-Clamp Mounting Adaptor


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The Radial J-Clamp Mounting Adaptor lets you secure a standard sized Radial box inside a rack or maybe onto a podium and then bolt it down into place.

The Radial J-Clamp Mounting Adaptor is a simple steel housing bracket that allows any of the standard sized Radial J-series direct boxes (with the exception of the USB-Pro), isolation units, mic splitters and re-amping units to be permanently mounted in locations such as in podiums, under board room tables and inside amplifier and effect racks.

Made from 14 gauge steel, the Radial J-clamp is made tough to handle the abuse of professional touring. The top is screened with user-writable tabs that are designed for wax pencil or can be more permanently designated with an indelible marker. Installing it is easy! One simply unscrews the book-end outer shell from the desired Radial interface and slides the Radial J-clamp over in place. The same 4 screws are used to secure the unit. The Radial J-clamp features extended wings that are pre-drilled to allow quick installation on any flat surface.

According to Radial Custom Shop Manager Steve Hopia: "More and more Radial products are being used in permanent installations and securing these so that they stay put has often been requested. The J-clamp provides and easy to use and elegant solution that fits on most of our products. Our dealers are pleased as it makes their jobs easier!"

Radial J-Clamp Mounting Adaptor Features

  • Simple steel housing bracket
  • Designed to secure a standard sized Radial box into place
  • Made from 14 gauge steel
  • Top panel label zones are designed for wax pencil function identification
  • Extended wings for quick installation on any flat surface

Radial J-Clamp Mounting Adaptor Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Radial
  • Product: Radial J-Clamp
  • Category: Accessory
  • Compatibility: J-series direct boxes, isolation units, mic splitters & re-amping units
  • Housing: Steel bracket
  • Steel Type: 14 gauge

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