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The Mixed Logic M24 Control Surface is designed to integrate with your favorite digital audio software and provide the best of both the virtual and physical worlds. The Mixed Logic M24 will complement your existing recording software, improve your efficiency and enhance your recording experience.

The Mixed Logic M24 dedicated remote control surface provides familiar hands on control for the computer based audio production environment. The M24 offers a traditional recording console style interface designed to integrate with your favorite digital audio software and provide the best of both the virtual and physical worlds. The M24 will complement your existing recording software, improve your efficiency and enhance the recording experience. The Mixed Logic M24 Control Surface is compatible with most major DAW systems. But the list is ever changing. So before you order give us a call or shoot us an email and we will be happy to confirm that the Mixed Logic M24 will work with your recording setup.

Channel Faders
The Mixed Logic M24 has 24 motorized faders assigned in banks to control the on-screen faders in the host software. If you move a channel fader the corresponding on-screen fader will follow the movement and moving any on-screen fader in the current bank will move the corresponding M24 fader to match the corresponding position. The M24 faders can also create or update automation. The fader range is in steps as fine as .1 DB. The M24 faders can control audio track faders, master faders, effect returns and aux inputs, group and volume levels of midi tracks in the normal mode. In flip mode or by reassignment, faders can control just about any other function. Moving any fader will cause the LCD display to display the corresponding fader's channel name and control name and fader value on the top line of the LCD display and update the corresponding channel scribble.

Aux Send Controls, Dynamics
The top row of the Mixed Logic M24 has 16 rotary controls and 16 switches and LEDs for auxiliary effect send control and dynamics control. The number of available auxiliary send controls per channel depends on the current host software. All 16 controls can also double for other functions including plug ins depending on the host software. Each channel in the current bank has a select switch that is used to make the Aux Sends, dynamics and EQ and plug in controls active for the selected channel. The 16 switches in the top row are used for Pre / Post select or dynamics functions and double for Window select modes, Function switch modes and Aux send mutes.

Equalizer Controls
The Mixed Logic M24 is the first control surface to feature a complete dedicated equalizer section with 12 controls divided into 4 bands. Controls are provided for Gain, Frequency and Width on each band with a band bypass and EQ type switch for each band. A soft control is provided for access to additional bands assigned in pages (software dependent) or for use as a trim control. Depending on the host software the EQ section can be configured to control a large number of software plug in effects with the ability to use the same common controls for similar functions in effects from different manufacturers across all channels. Imagine having one type of plug in EQ on several channels and another type on several channels and with the push of one switch you could jump from channel to channel and be able to instantly use the same familiar controls to control similar plug in functions.

Back panel connections
The Mixed Logic M24 has 3 midi in and 3 midi out connectors to allow for multi program use or emulation of three eight channel controllers. The accessory connector is for planned future options. The USB connector provides a high-speed connection to the host software. The USB connector is also used for software updates and several planned advanced features. The M24 has two massive internal international switching power supplies because motorized faders require well-regulated power to operate reliably. The M24 uses a standard universal power cord.

Select, Solos, Mutes and Soft Switches
The Mixed Logic M24 has dedicated Channel Select, Solo, and Mute switches, 24 each that correspond to the same on screen channel functions in the host software depending on the current bank. The Solo and Mute switches are always active and 24 Soft switches are software assignable and assigned to different functions depending on the host software. The Soft switches are usually assigned to Record Enable functions. The Soft switches also usually double for automation arm, automation mode and punch control depending on the current mode of automation and the host software. Depending on the host software the Solo and Mute switches are also capable of additional functions. The Channel Select switch is used to select the current active channel assigned to the remaining controls for effect sends (aux buses), dynamics, EQ and plug in controls.

Bank and Channel Swap
The Mixed Logic M24 faders, pan controls, solos, mutes and soft controls remain active at once assigned in a bank of 24 channels. The M24 can swap the control assignments in banks of 24 channels at a time and many of the supported software hosts can also shift the 24 assigned channels up or down one channel at a time. To do a 24 channel bank swap you use the BANK SWAP left, right arrow switches. If you are in the first bank the M24 faders are assigned to tracks 1-24. If you press the right BANK SWAP arrow switch once, the M24 faders would be reassigned to represent channels 25-48 in a song with over 24 tracks and the faders would move to match the new bank's on screen fader positions. If you press the left arrow the M24 faders would be reassigned back to tracks 1-24 and move to represent that change. (The project must have more than 24 total faders for the Bank Swap to work) If you press the BUSS 8 / CHANNEL switch and light the corresponding BUSS 8 / CHANNEL led, you will change the function of the BANK SWAP switches into channel shift switches. In the channel shift mode the BANK SWAP left, right arrow switches will shift the 24 M24 fader assignments up or down by one channel every time one of the BANK SWAP arrow switches are pressed. If you started with the M24 faders assigned to Cakewalk tracks 1-24 and you pressed the right BANK SWAP arrow switch while the BUSS 8 / CHANNEL led is lit, the M24 faders would now be reassigned to Cakewalk tracks 2-25 and the M24 faders would move to represent the on screen fader values.

LCD Display and Scribble Strip
The Mixed Logic M24 features a 40 character by 4-line LCD display. The top row of the LCD display usually is used to display the most recent control and value including a long channel name, long control name and continuously updated control value. The next three lines of the display usually are used to display the abbreviated channel names for all 24 channels active in the current bank and act as channel scribble strips. Line 2 is for faders 1- 8, line 3 is 9- 16 and line 4 is 17- 24. The LCD has many additional modes and menus depending on the current host software. The P1 in the far right of the first row indicates the current page of controls that are active. The M24 has the ability to reassign just about every control on the unit instantly to other functions in several pages allowing the use of faders and other controls for very extensive control of plug ins and controllable instruments (software dependent) extending the total number of available controls.

Mixed Logic M24 Control Surface Features

  • 24 motorized 100mm touch-sensitive Alps faders with 10Bit internal resolution (1024 steps) and scalable midi resolution (7-14 Bit) depending on the Host software requirements.
  • Bank swapping to access all additional channels.
  • 53 digital, endless, velocity sensitive rotary knobs dedicated to panning, EQ and dynamics controls and effect send levels.
  • 155 quality tactile switches
  • 146 large status LEDs
  • 24 channels of dedicated rotary controls for panning
  • Each of the 24 channels have 4 switches and LEDs for Solo, Mute and Channel Select and Soft. The Soft switch can be used to control Record Enable, Automation Modes and Functions, and several additional parameters including Phase and Track Archive depending on the host software.
  • In addition each channel has dedicated Aux effect send controls, dynamics and equalizer controls and plug in controls all made active by the channel Select switch for the desired channel.
  • All control surface faders, switches and rotary knobs can be reassigned to other functions depending on the host software and utilizing our special interface, select supported hosts can have multiple control assignments that go way beyond normal Bank swapping to offer an almost unlimited numbers of assignable functions that are instantly accessible. Even the generic mode can control and keep track of close to 1000 controllers per 24channel bank.
  • The M24 has 10 switches that are used for mode select and include functions for Zoom, Grouping, Markers, Plug In mode select, Utility and Function modes and LCD and pan modes depending on host software.
  • The M24 has input and output assignment capabilities as well.

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