Solid State Logic UF1, UC1 & UF8 DAW Control Surface Bundle

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The Solid State Logic UF1, UC1 & UF8 DAW Control Surface Bundle is both powerful and intuitive. The UC1 provides deep and precise control of your SSL plug-ins, the UF8 functions as an SSL mixing console surface, and the UF1 ties it all together as the master section of an SSL console. This bundle enhances workflow giving you more control, faster at your fingertips, converting your DAW into an SSL Console all within the SSL 360 environment! If you need deep, fast, creative control over more complex productions, the Solid State Logic UF1, UC1 & UF8 DAW Control Surface Bundle is the solution!

Solid State Logic UF1 DAW Control Surface
The Solid State Logic UF1 DAW Control Surface is the ultimate single fader controller for anyone who wants comprehensive control of their DAW, bringing SSL’s renowned advanced workflow to in-the-box productions. The Solid State Logic UF1 boasts a premium 100 mm motorized fader, dual high-resolution displays, soft-feel durable rubber keys and a weighted jog wheel, all encased in a robust metal chassis. UF1 offers complete control of a DAW’s pans, sends, plug-in control and more, plus the ability to customise 46 soft keys specifically to your workflow. Clear and insightful visual feedback, intuitive control and deep integration with the SSL Meter Plug-in and SSL 360° software - UF1 offers power and control never seen before from a controller of this size.

Solid State Logic UC1 Controller
The Solid State Logic UC1 Controller is a hardware plug-in controller like no other - SSL hardware for your SSL software! The UC1 combines classic console ergonomics with the power of SSL plug-ins, for virtual console "in-the-box" audio production experience. The UC1 is a hardware plug-in controller like no other. Dedicated knob-per-function Channel EQ and Dynamics controls, centre section featuring full Bus Compressor controls and authentic moving-coil gain reduction meter combine to offer the most creative, intuitive, and ultimately effective way of controlling your 360°-enabled SSL channel strip and Bus Compressor plug-ins.

360 Link: Highly Customisable for any plug-in
SSL 360 Link comes with a selection of customisable factory maps for popular SSL channel strip plug-ins from the likes of Slate Digital®, Universal Audio®, Waves® and Brainworx®. While UC1 is optimised for a typical Channel Strip layout, any plug-in can be quickly mapped from scratch using the user-friendly mapping tool. The mapping tool is super simple to use and offers a variety of mapping methods such as drag and drop or click and turn, allowing you to map your favourite plug-ins in no time at all.

Solid State Logic UF8 DAW Control Surface
The Solid State Logic UF8 DAW Control Surface is designed for today’s DAW based production workflows and ultra fast turn-around times. An expandable 8-channel advanced DAW controller, the UF8 connects engineers, producers and artists directly to the creative process, offering absolute command of their work flow and significantly accelerating the speed of audio production and content creation.

Solid State Logic UF1 & UC1 DAW Control Surface Includes

  • Solid State Logic UF1 DAW Control Surface
  • Solid State Logic UC1 Controller
  • Solid State Logic UF8 DAW Control Surface
  • All related accessories for all three units
  • Manufacturer Warranties

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  • 5
    Versatile and Powerful
    Kenny S.

    I'd been wanting to get a controller with motorized faders for a while, so I set off on my research. I use Ableton, so I was restricted to controllers that use the Mackie control protocol. In my budget range this left me exploring the Behringer X Tough, the Mackie MCU Pro, some of the ICON controllers, and the SSL unit. The Behringer had been out for quite a while, and didn't seem like it was receiving much recent support. Further, many of the buttons are inactive in Ableton, and I was looking for as much of an 'out of the box' experience as possible. I hate wasting time mapping MIDI, so the Behringer was out, and as it was heavily based on the Mackie MCU which had many of the same issues, that controller was also out. The price on the ICON units were attractive, and it looked like they would integrate with Ableton well enough, but after poking around in some ICON Pro Audio Users Facebook groups, it was evident that the company rushes out products with incomplete firmware, hardware, and software features, is slow in addressing those issues, and that many users were frustrated with the constant troubleshooting and bugs they on the units. I want to spend my time making music, not troubleshooting bugs and hardware issues, so anything from ICON was out as well. This left me with what should have been the obvious choice to begin with - the SSL UF1, UF8, and UC1 combo, and I have been very happy with my choice. Since Ableton controls all mixing controllers via what is essentially a 20 year old protocol in Mackie Control, the screens and meters on most controllers are slow to respond, and certain constraints like track name character limits (and how it gets truncated) can be frustrating. But here the SSL has a BIG advantage, as it can be run in "Plug In Mode", where it pulls gain and track names and colors and etc from the channel strip plugin on each track instead. This means I can run this controller in Ableton, and have very responsive metering on the screens, along with what feels like a much more modern user experience over-all. I don't know of any other motorized fader controller that has this 'second layer' advantage in Ableton. The unit itself is very well built, and it feels a treat to work the knobs, faders, buttons, and encoders. If I had ONE small complaint, it would be that I wish the UF1 would automatically enter plug in mixer mode when I put the UF8 into plug in mixer mode. The UF1 requires you to press two buttons simultaneously to enter the mode (either requiring two hands, or one hand but with a big 'finger stretch), while on the UF8 you can enter plug in mixer mode it via two separate clicks with one finger. It's a little easier, and I wish the UF1 would follow along. With nearly 15 hours of experience now in working this hardware, if that's the only complaint I have then I am a VERY happy camper! I don't think the UC1 is required for a great control experience, but I enjoy getting out of the box and setting compressors and EQ with my fingers and ears rather than my eyes is a good thing (though, you can also monitor your EQ cuts on the UF1's screen if you want). HIGHLY recommend this unit, especially for people using Ableton, as the second layer plug in mixer REALLY takes this experience to another level compared to pretty much any other controller.